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Jie to eat to lose weight lose the desire to  2017-12-7 19:30


jie to eat to lose weight lose the desire to

10 10 may, jie beijing for the new song coming out, "clearly not angel" shoot mv. new song from the "dancers" producer di zi escort, but denied any desire to imitate jolin clean, but she does not think the new blond image of japan japan ayumi hamasaki's shadow. when was the scene of the media praised a sharp chin, thin, clean fun that any weight loss so far, she has lost the desire to eat rice.

denied imitate jolin

song can be sent for "dancers" to build the production of di zi, he jie said he was very happy, though, and the other did not meet, but said they wanted the teacher to write full feeling. live broadcast from the mv shooting situation, how clean the first dance in this song made a big change on the singing, from the first album "pop rock fan" to "sweet and playful style," and jolin tsai singing there the same purpose.

this, she did not think they go jolin tsai in the line: "di zi not only help write songs jolin tsai, landy wen also wrote, can not say that, like landy jolin, they can not say i like it. "

gold producer in addition got to help out, the new album also has a mysterious duet love songs, but they declined to disclose how clean partner is. it is reported that the most likely hsiang vocals of this year's "super boy" third wei chen. has been praised not eating habits to lose weight successfully blew

addition to changes in music, starting again jie (index jie jie jie's image files) in the shape change is also made careful . a landmark-based black hair be playing a golden curls, like the popular leader of japan ayumi hamasaki enough. but jie (jie index how clean the image jie file) that this is only the growth of traces, not deliberate imitation: "i feel grown up, now go out will want to make-up, more like get the hair."