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supermodel weight loss Cheats!  2017-7-17 19:30


supermodel: kang qianwen, sichuan, april 2007 to join, participate elite model contest, was the world's fourth. participated in new york, paris, milan fashion week. who hermes, chanel, max mara, gucci, jean paul gaultier, hussein chayalan brands show, filmed the swank, broadcast, lane crawford's print ads.

height: 180cm weight: 53kg

your own body satisfaction?

upper most satisfactory and most dissatisfied with is legs, coarse, i had a basketball player, hit from the second grade junior high school.

you do lose weight? what is a good way?

i am now making my weight loss program, the most healthy way to diet + fitness. every morning to eat two slices of whole wheat bread, you can eat a little cereal milk, crude fiber will reduce hunger, eat an apple. have a job during the day, at noon i would choose a normal diet, but will not eat too much. dinner, do not tend to eat less, but there are six more of the words before the end of the dinner, after which no longer eat, if you restrain it, after 8:00 pm will not eat anything up. basic exercise every day, one hour before exercise must eat something. in the gym i would choose a bike movement, useful for reducing the thigh, as well as brisk walking on a treadmill, or do the elliptical machine, it can be hands and feet, which are aerobic exercise, do some strength training equipment. at home will make their own free-standing exercises, yoga, this is a good way to reduce fat.

how to ride a bike by thigh fat?

each instrument with different methods to reach different results. if a bike, then want to cut the thigh, slightly upturned toe on the pedal of 45 degrees, move with the thigh pedal bike, not to force on the toes. i have my own personal trainer, he will do for my situation exercise program. i suggest that people want to lose weight or get a professional coach to guide, many devices have a professional approach in order to have good results.