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Korean actress tall people envy Secret private weight-loss trick  2017-6-19 19:30


aggressively as korean dramas in china, more and more people like the korean. weight loss is no exception. watching those korean korean female stars in their sexy body, people really envy. wanted to hold back sometimes, why they will be able to lean into this? now, south korean actress secret for you a private weight-loss trick!

son ye-jin to do every day at home one hour soft parade

son ye-jin in the movie "my first girlfriend" shows his charming sexy bikini body. introverted personality, she does not like a lot of people with learning exercise or the gym, go home every day to do more than 1 hour after the body operation. with gymnastics, hula hoop, water bottles do waist movement and arm movement to maintain their elastic body.

lee hyo-lee raw food breakfast

lee hyo-lee in a variety of programs when the current host, but also speak a variety of advertising, and her breakfast to lose weight is to eat raw food meal, add some fresh powder raw honey, raw food diet began. breakfast and dinner the first month with raw food, just over a month later in the morning to eat it. if you eat three meals a day raw food may be easier to nausea, it is recommended to first try about a week in the morning to eat raw food.

amanda yin meridian massage to lift

with the first solo album, appeared in front of people the amanda yin, so that people themselves. slim down the face and sexy figure secret, from the meridian massage and aerobics. meridian massage is especially pressing corner next to the bones, and cheek way around, you can correct the distortion of the body joints, it can prevent fat face.

song yun-portuguese speaking children every morning to maintain a healthy

even night shooting, song yun children will not fall sports, hard sports to keep the secret of her body. woke up each morning, she will do a simple exercise to relax the body in portugal. about 1 hour of running to do over and over again, jump in place, squat movement. then do the treadmill at the gym and cycling exercise to exercise stretch tall.

jinshi ya spend two hours a day dancing jazz

to famous artists jinshi ya beautiful body, the secret to keep fit is jazz. college in new york began when jazz adhere to the present. she will use every two hours to follow the music to dance, twist the body in the process, the body naturally perfect together. in addition, she went 2 a week? 3 times the gym, do 40 minutes of aerobics and 30 minutes on the treadmill, 100 sit-ups do next.

cuiyun ying practice yoga to become a beautiful body

than fitness equipment, cui yunying more recommended yoga, she believes yoga can exercise the beauty of the muscles. in addition to yoga, the cuiyun ying also like fitness equipment, swimming, etc., is a sports fan. no matter what the sport began, she would concentrate to do it. and when they eat each brain to accurately calculate the heat will also adhere to the diet to make adjustments.

bian chen to exercise the figure skating show

supermodel with a perfect body while chen has two children show mother, but still a lot of people praise the body. recently she liked roller skating, she felt sweating than go to the gym to practice the sport more interesting, and the effect is better. by sunday she would slip about 40 minutes, she thought that this movement can exercise the muscles of the body, especially the back to tighten the abdomen hips, thigh muscles, the lower half is the best for less movement. in addition to roller skating outside, whenever she did aerobics to relax.

kim jung flower bed in front of the body movement

have slender legs, slender body, beautiful appearance of kim jung flowers usually not very movement. but her secret is hard to keep the body of gymnastics. she said that the recent action films in order to learn martial arts, so naturally can stay in shape. she usually free to do as long as a jump rope, yang hold-ups, running machines, exercise after to drink plenty of water to add moisture.


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