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low health but also for intellectual workers

low health is a major east health characteristics. emphasis on low health asians,

low health but also for mental worker health low health is a major feature of the east. emphasis on low health asians, chinese medicine as early masterpiece "yellow emperor" had been put forward: "the higher life of its gas, the gas under those of their tender." means that the people living there so long life; while the lower temperature side high, so people who live there the life is shorter. we also found that the alpine region more longevity. why is this? because the cold can make a person's body temperature decreased, while the low temperature slow cell division, metabolism is slow, so much later aging, longer life naturally. according to tcm theory, yin people most in need of low health. because people afraid of the heat deficiency, usually presented five heart (palm of the hand, zuxin, chest) fever, low body temperature can reduce the health, yin and to conserve, so cold to help yin. also, the low-temperature regimen for intellectual workers. the brain are most afraid of heat, winter's night chi weight, temperature is low, this low-temperature state of mind most conducive to work. this is why people are vexed hot summer, the reasons for the efficiency is not high. autumn and winter yin changyang consumption, yin is the best. room temperature in winter is generally not more than 24 degrees celsius, to be appropriate to wear a sweater; winter to eat more yin of the goods, including aquatic plants such as rice, lotus root, etc.; winter plants such as cabbage, radish; shade plant health, such as mushrooms, mushrooms; mature winter food, such as winter pear, jujube. winter to drink well water, groundwater, yin; eat low body temperature, such as ducks and fish, animals and so on.