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County Department of Transportation to take five measures to carry out effective cold relief medicine to highlight  2017-4-21 19:30


five county department of transportation to take effective measures to carry out relief work highlights the cold author: frequency source: county department of transportation recently, due to a duration long, involving a wide range of low-temperature cold wet weather, the county 14 (above) subject to county road 150 km road frothing appear serious, causing traffic problems, blocking traffic and other serious disasters, the direct economic loss of $ 1.5 million. in this regard, the leadership attaches great importance to the county department of transportation, fully in accordance with the county government and the higher the work plan, well-organized, well-organized, to take strong measures to five, do a good job cold relief work, and achieved remarkable results. specific practices are as follows:

first, set up a special leading institutions, strengthen the disaster relief organization and leadership. january 26, 2008, in accordance with the work of county government to deploy, set up by the secretary, the party secretary for the head of the meteorological disaster emergency for cold weather relief work leading group, all issued units have also set up a work corresponding lead agency further strengthen the disaster relief organization and leadership, to promote the county transportation industry to carry out disaster relief work in full.

two real work is to develop plans for cheung, promote the orderly conduct disaster relief work. accordance with the higher work requirements, combined with the practical work of the board to develop a "bobai county department of transportation response to disaster relief for cold weather, weather emergency plan" issued to all subordinate units, to further clarify job duties and job requirements, comprehensive and careful guidance of all units solid and carry out disaster relief work. the combination of their subordinate units also have developed a real emergency-response plan, disaster relief work to promote the orderly and smoothly.

third, strengthening the investigation and found that when used to report the disaster. i bureau of the highways, waterways, roads, transportation and many other aspects of the investigation working group to comprehensively strengthen the disaster investigation. bureau of the main leaders and led separately to the front line of the leading members of the investigation to strengthen the disaster. in addition, the terminal field organization to enhance investigation and registration of passenger vehicles, passenger comprehensive investigation, whether there is a lack of lack of food clothing and other phenomena, and an ample supply of water, instant noodles, lunch, quilts and other major cold food and supplies , once the phenomenon of lack of lack of food clothing immediately sent to the passengers, and with time up to the report, to give personalized service, to prevent being frozen by the phenomenon of hunger. so far, the investigation found more than 150 km of county roads disasters, did not find a cold and hungry by the phenomenon.

four are fully operational warmth, donations to help rescue activities. to further reduce the burden on the affected people, to the vast number of workers and the affected people difficult to create a happy and peaceful spring festival atmosphere, the bureau has launched a party love and warmth and donations to help rescue activities. has to buy water shoes, raincoats, blankets and other warm items and rice, peanut oil and other household items, distributed to the county ferry workers, maintenance workers, the affected people and the difficulties the hands of party members and cadres and workers, ferry workers note to remind tim warm clothing, attention changes in the weather, shall not sail in bad weather, going to take precautionary anti-slip, slippery careful not to fall, pay attention to fire fire prevention measures such as cold. in addition, donations to help organize the cadres and workers to carry out rescue activities. according to the statistics: has the value of 80,000 yuan to buy the cold material, including water shoes, 50 pairs, raincoats 43, 623 blankets, 266 packages of rice, peanut oil, 340 barrels, consolation money 32,900 yuan, a large number of other materials, condolences to the affected people, poor staff 756 people, cadres and workers to mobilize voluntary contributions from 10,000 yuan to disaster areas. real warmth for the victims sent to the party and the government's care.

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