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prenatal diagnosis: to ensure that future generations of health  2018-1-13 11:30


to some extent, every baby's fate lies in an invisible hand - god's hands. god was playing a "gene

dice", use it to determine the luck of our children. ... ...

prenatal diagnosis

to some extent, every baby's fate lies in an invisible hands - the hands of god. god was playing a "gene

dice", use it to determine the luck of our children. although many dice on this harbinger of healthy red dot, but there is always the lack of an angel, "a proton

flying wings" of the black spots occupy the minds of parents in the future melancholy is: "not afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event." now we already know, ask

title than "one million" and "case" are much more serious. in order to "little angels" happy and healthy and effective method is to vigorously carry out production

before diagnosis. also known as prenatal diagnosis before the diagnosis of production, its embryo or fetus before birth is hereditary congenital malformations to make accurate judgments

, treatment of abnormal fetal abortion to prevent birth defects, in order to ensure health of future generations. prenatal diagnosis is only 20 years of history, but the development

rapidly, and its x-ray methods, fetoscope, ultrasound, biochemistry and enzyme examination, chromosome diagnosis, the most commonly used the ultrasonic and dye

body check.

prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities in chromosomal disease accounted for 0.5% of the total number of births, 1,000 kinds of chromosome can make a diagnosis of chromosomal diseases,

it accounts for prenatal diagnosis of 40% -50%. whether fetal chromosomal abnormalities, through amniotic fluid and fetal blood to hair. risk for having stained

distortion of pregnant women are three types: ① pregnant women older than 35 years of age; ② has given birth; time of chromosome 16 to 20 weeks pregnant, check chromosome hair

check time for 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, fetal blood chromosome is about 28 weeks pregnant. in theory, you can check the entire pregnancy of fetal chromosomal

, such as preimplantation diagnosis of chromosome fertilized egg can be. however, due to safety, technical, practical and economic reasons, the national

amniotic fluid still inside and outside the main chromosome.

と bound in a league by 0.5% incidence of dollars, every year there are at least more than 100,000 infants to human chromosome disease. chromosomal disease hazards in front of

already described, the danger is great. worrying is that even the bitter, our prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal diseases are not the status quo is far

to eugenics requirements. in the mid-1980s, china carried out more than 300 units in the amniotic fluid chromosome, but in recent years to less than 100. many countries

maternity hospital within the first-class average of 40 annual checks only 50 cases of pregnant women. however, in other countries, such as the hospital of the university of california san francisco, then a week

by checking more than 60 cases of amniotic fluid; the royal women's hospital in melbourne, australia also has a weekly 30 to 40 cases; only 600 million people of hong kong, its production

year before diagnosis center also examined over 1000 cases. imagine, a country with a population of 1.2 billion, so the status quo, would not be affected as the population quality

ring do?

why so? the one hand, inadequate publicity, many pregnant women do not know the importance of fetal chromosome, because other detection methods are

fetal chromosomal disease can not be found, and the other aspect is the lack of regulations. fortunately, some provinces and cities to develop the "mother and child health law"

rules, has strengthened the content of this field, amniotic fluid chromosome is safe, in recent years made a total of more than 200 cases checked, no one place

infection and abortion.