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rape my mother, but I am a Man  2018-4-16 19:30


this summer, ho (pseudonym) of the parents to beijing to visit his son, the table, they are suddenly asked a question to mind a ho tight.

" ; you are not gay ah

? "

parents this question, so that hao was silent a few seconds.

although this problem acute, parents are also half-jokingly, the incentive problem, is urging parents to find a girlfriend 24 years old when ho, ho ambiguity in the fourth said: "now that did not mind, and stay with the girl on its hands."

the side of her sister ling (a pseudonym), see the ho face some changes are immediately rescue, said: "brother where as gay thing like this?"

topic of nothing, "then i think, not as was said of, but i am in front of them on consistent performance out of the way, i think i said they do not believe. "

in front of their parents, ho is still very much in line with a traditional boys like boys, they do not know, in fact, even if their son and they eat, they secretly with a small amount of foundation and mascara. they do not know many people jokingly said, ho is more like a " ; new era of women's role model ": more than just, sensitive but strong.

your mother will certainly not good?

koichi positions fat, build robust, simply do not see makeup made him look more handsome, the first time i saw him almost always feel this is a sunny boy. this appearance coupled with his deep voice, so many girls can be relaxed and happy.

photos show a few years ago, the boy who keep long hair, white skin and thin body, makes him look like a girl generally delicate. hao on his previous appearance is not satisfied: "in the past too thin, so seemed more frail now exercise regularly, it slowly becomes now the case."

however, the if you and some of his conversational, you will find the boy still "delicate" does not change the act: he used to talk with others when the tilt orchid fingers; three drinks to spirits , the "aging mother" is the word he used most conversational self-title; for all ages of people smaller than him, he unified with the "sister" call, and let people call him "sister"; in the street , he can suddenly put charming to others regardless of position; even mentioned earlier, to help him rescue fellow sister ling, both in the mall, is a half sister to match their own joke, of course, ho to her many years ago that his sexual orientation.

hao said: "get recognition of my sister, is very natural, because, after all up together, know each other a lot of things i said to her when she not that surprised. "he was very loving sister, sister to help succeed, and sister to discuss cosmetics, these things he says are his" own duties. "

sister, ling said: "my brother is my brother, is my sister and i liked him a little girl kind of talk that way, more intimate and real,