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woman love a man pull a woman's hand  2018-1-13 11:30


women like to use physical contact to express their goodwill and intimacy, between men and men to go straight, magnanimous and selfless, they rarely use the action to represent the feeling of closeness.

children like to snuggle in the adults around like a baby, this is animal attributes

of performance. with age, people in a rational mature habits of the animals on the gradual degradation of the original, hidden to the rational behind. when a woman is shy or not good at using language to express their feelings, she got used to physical contact with this most primitive and most straightforward way as a means to convey their feelings. in this sense, women and children are more animal than man's.

from a psychological point of view, women's heavy feeling, thinking is the seat of your pants, but they are more sensitive than men's senses, especially touch . therefore, women are more accustomed to the feeling of touch to replace the language of expression. people and girlfriend dating, not only use the ears to listen to what she said, but also what to do with her eyes. the only way to be more accurate insight into her heart's true intentions.

body state linguistics experts found that each person has a psychological "alert", that person's "sphere of influence" feel. each individual self-centered to four weeks to expand to form a mental egg defensible space, once the invasion of other people, it will cause him (her) tension, vigilance and resistance. the more strange people, the greater the distance between each other, the greater the interval between the body. on the contrary, the psychological distance of defensible space will be gradually reduced. for example, the normal between husband and wife, between parents and children the most intimate, the psychological distance between them can be reduced to zero, that close contact between the body produces.

so, if your companion when walking, always like holding your hand close to or touching your body, that she and your mental distance has been shortened, she do not care about you invade her "; sphere of influence."

some men do not understand the way a woman close to this expression, when his girlfriend's body close to him, then elated, she mistakenly thought that they have physical desire, and he probably will be very disappointed. woman touching a man's body, is not entirely to the physical contact, more from the spiritual, psychological intimacy, she might just as close to you that impression, and nothing. this is the only and must not aspire to the impossible.