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Secret Why men like pornographic websites  2017-12-7 19:30


definitely a work colleague a serious and responsible, at least on the surface is so, usually not a serious kind of laughing and joking, working hours may have never seen him leave the computer.

one day, he was lying on the front of the computer tireless work, was arrested in the positive with this guy to open more than a dozen small window browsing "erotic" website. fortunately, the director is also a male, his punishment is also surprisingly light, only fined 200 yuan only. in accordance with the provisions of the company, during working hours on site with color, will give a removal. tension i have the same habit colleagues relieved, and the director of dining arms around when they dare, fraternizing with the.

company intranet a few days there have been attacks on the forum, director of the post, said 天下乌鸦一般黑, men did a good thing, which is estimated female colleagues angrily uneven angrily paste, because it is anonymous postings, no one care about, we tacitly as usual " ha ha ha ... ... "

i said these guys let's talk about" dirty "how a set of scripts? was such a learned several of us have some of the burden of aging and to educate the "next generation" of responsibility: "you little son of a bitch on a small network that mess, have time to studying more things, so i do not know how motivated young man? "often get only

is a laugh:" you only decent days ah? old-fashioned cool who does not? honest no you been to? "