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hair care recipes of congee , soups, snacks point  2018-12-2 19:30


pressures of modern life make us the head of the cell have been numerous injuries, had beautiful black hair which turn yellow , white, or even fall off. this is the petty bourgeoisie are most reluctant to be a glimpse of the truth. although many reasons, mainly to study the nutritional and spiritual two factors, sad depressed, will cause liver and kidney heart and harms, so the hair missing nutrition. petty you to give your hair a little more care, care!

one, porridge

walnut walnut porridge jen, 50 grams of peeled, ground, and 100 grams of rice, gong zhu as porridge, sooner or later take. to be black with a black role.

sesame porridge sesame 20 grams and 50 grams of rice chaojiao pestle with porridge, amount of salt or sugar, as a supper food. with kidney intestines, ufa beauty.

porridge radix polygonum 50 grams of water to cook take the gravy, and 100 grams of rice, jujube 5, a total amount of sugar congee for breakfast or snack food. with bugan kidney, spermatogenesis hair care, anti-ufa role.

amount of washed and dried kelp seaweed soup, powder, and 50 grams of rice porridge, eat one every night before lying

small bowl, with moist hair, the role of black to be black.

second, soups

pig pancreas light soup to take a pig pancreas, mussels 50 grams. wash mussels first, soak 3 hours, put sand in the stew pot, boil about 10 minutes to be added pig pancreas with the stew, shulan seasoning meal. function run-zi hair, dry hair can be used for less.

radix radix 20 g egg soup, egg 2. add water, tomatoes, eggs cooked to peel when you take the eggs, cook for 15 minutes, plus the amount of salt, shaozhu moment, eggs yin tang. one week 1 or 2 times, even for 1 to 2 months. can be black to be black.

cattle bone soup bones (broken) 1000 grams, add water 1500 ml, with high heat to boil, and then changed simmer 1 to 2 hours, filtered juice drink. or placed in vases in the juice after cold settling. take the bottom viscous material, every junior food, or coated in bread or bread to eat. function and physical health issue.

three snacks

sangma pills, mulberry with black sesame seeds from the preparation, the system of law: amount of mulberry leaves collected in autumn, rinse clean, dried into powder, and the other will be cooked black sesame seeds into a powder, were served in ceramic pot, the food, press 1: 4 ratio (1 mulberry leaves, sesame seeds 4) adding an appropriate amount of honey, knead dough, and then divided into several pellets, sooner or later each of a chewing, warm water can be.

chanterelles, a germinal ufa function, such as sesame oil, as side dishes or pour soup in food.

peach peach sugar, the amount of sugar. peach soaked in three days and nights turn on the water, remove the peel tip; the sugar put the pot of open, pour peach mixing, after taking cold. each time 10, 2 times a day. continuous use for three months.

function hair, black hair.

ufa sugar to take the black sesame, walnut saute the catty, the mi tang 500 grams put the pot a little water torture, when put to the thick sesame, walnut, mix well, bulldozed, let cool, cut into small pieces (about 3 grams each) can be. functional kidney, black hair, hair growth.

sesame paste, sesame take appropriate saute, add the amount of sugar mash, bottling, each amount of open water to take food. have liver or kidney, black hair, lip skin.

amount of system black beans black beans, wash clean, and then by repeated steaming, drying, after nine, storage in the insulator, the daily consumption of the second, each feeding 6 g , chewing salt water after delivery, at the same time every day to eat.