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Notes  2018-11-9 11:30


now getting a lot of people like to wash your hair salon, hair salon shampoo felt very comfortable, but in order to protect your show hair, hair salon shampoo to your friends often note the following!

hair salon shampoo

a lot of people like to the hair salon shampoo, and some even "addictive", if not the first time in two days, there is an itchy scalp, dandruff increase, or even brown hair shedding phenomenon, the doctor called "hair syndrome." therefore, we can not just wash out to enjoy, but also pay attention to the quality shampoo, shampoo and intensity of the way, their hair and personal care of the process, hair care and other factors, the only way to achieve the purpose shampoo and conditioner .

prone shampoo in the hair salon "shampoo syndrome" for two reasons.

first of all, hard scratching, damage the scalp.

many people like to use the claw when you shampoo the scalp, the greater that exert oneself, the more hair washed clean, a lot of hair salon to cater to customers preferences, shampoo lady is very hard to nail scratching the skin, so the actual damage to the hair root is very serious and can damage the surface of the scalp skin damage, resulting in more dandruff.

second, shampoo with scalp for too long.

shampoo contains mostly basic ingredients, with no human contact generally have much impact, but in the hair salon, shampoo much longer time than usual, have some shampoo on the skin stimulation. moreover, some of the poor quality shampoo hair salon brand shampoo bottle mounted on the inside, the more damage the skin and hair. combined to force miss shampoo massage, scratch, it is easy to make these basic ingredients into the hair root hair follicles, so that the scalp itching, dandruff increases, will be serious hair loss.

therefore, should be protected in the hair salon shampoo your scalp and hair. first, according to the choice of quality hair shampoo, hair shampoo to minimize erosion; told miss do not wash your hair hard to scratch, but with the pulp gently massage the scalp; shampoo on his head retention time should not be too long, preferably not more than 5 minutes; when using hair dryer to keep the distance from the dry to insure that you can.