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fall flat hair, wearing a hat worry wake program  2018-10-11 19:30


winter hat made of plastic family road

can say that it is difficult to change the flat hair and wearing a hat and after the case collapsed. better try this, wear a hat before the comb against the comb in the hair root, so that the roots will not loose again close to the scalp, which can prevent hair knot, also

to prevent static electricity. of course, the best in the hat dance after spraying hair with slightly moist, and then use styling products to help re-shape.

plastic hair oily hair way

scalp excessive secretion of sebaceous glands in the distribution of strong, easy hair oil, we must first use oil control shampoo to clean the hair and scalp, in order to maintain the feeling of lightness. if you use conditioner, then try not to be applied to the hair root conditioner and scalp, as this will increase the burden on the scalp, hair oil will result in faster. texture of thin plastic hair products when used, will not cause more of the burden.

made of soft plastic hair road

life or by stress and fatigue caused by the aging of the scalp or affected the health of the scalp, hair density also caused a decrease, so the hair will be soft and weak there is no flexibility. and some may be born with hair problems, hair texture should be enhanced to make use of texture, light conditioner and established products.

comb my hair after the road

correct the combing of the road, can help remove dirt and dead skin on the hair, the scalp breathe, can effectively recover the amount of hair texture.


first move from the neck the amount of combing the hair, then comb to the head from both sides, and finally from the forehead to the momentum comb.

action should be soft, not rubbing the scalp.

best comb can be used separately from the two sides of the head to comb