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hair strands of hair intensive care  2018-9-14 19:30


what kind of hair you have? have one arouses the envy of hair, in addition to the barber shop, his usual meticulous care is essential. so, you have to recognize their own hair and hair crux of the problem, europium targeted to select the best hair products.

dry hair

experts agree that, in addition to genetic factors, lack of dry long hair care and chemicals residual sequelae. of course, stress, endocrine changes and balanced diet or not, etc., will produce more or less on the impact of hair. use a formula particularly mild entirely contained no or only a small amount of detergent, but it can effectively add moisture shampoo is very important. no need to shampoo too often, the first two days the best, of course, do not forget to use conditioner. to prevent loss of moisture within the hair should avoid use of electrically operated hair dryer and other hair appliances. if you must use the best pre-coated with a layer of the hair and hair care products. diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables is undoubtedly good for the body. healthy body hair can be sufficient intake of nutrients, natural shine and pleasant.

oily hair

sebaceous glands secrete too much natural oil, is the formation of the root causes of oily hair. to improve this situation, you need is a mild shampoo and wash hair frequently. powerful not only in hair shampoo useless, anti-oil production will be more rampant. as the scalp has been able to produce enough oil, hair conditioner from the hair root as long as the coating in a few inches of the hair can be. more suitable for oily hair dye, hair dye, hair will become more or less dry, and just more fat and can play in the role.

thin hair

if your hair is too soft and thin, it should be able to find a shampoo into hair stem, filling up the hair. hair styling, it is best to use to create huge hair spray products. hair is also quite suitable for this type of hair, because in the process of hair, hair hair stem will gradually expand, thus resulting in a stronger texture.

dandruff troubles

dry, itchy patches of dandruff is really jiaoren pain and agony. in dry weather, cooler season, this situation is particularly serious. dandruff generation from endocrine disorders, a balanced diet and circulatory system failure, and other factors. to remove dandruff, some with only crumbs of shampoo formulations to choose from. dirty combs and brushes may also be a hotbed of the scalp quiet, so often they should be soaked in warm soapy water to wash. due to the electrically operated hair and a variety of chemicals cause dandruff worse, so the problem is not resolved, the best all this at arm's length.

split ends of hair

combing hair too many times, use hot hair dryer hair, hair, perm, and so will cause some degree of hair damage, causing hair split ends. proposed to use a soft hair brush comb from the scalp to the originator, the originator to the scalp's natural oils, and normal as possible with the wide tooth comb to comb hair, but do not forget to use conditioner after every shampoo to avoid increased hair split ends. also, avoid rubbing with a towel and vigorously twist hair, fragile hair need is a gentle caress. in short, maintaining a healthy hair is not an overnight thing, but as long as careful attention to daily maintenance, your pay will certainly be rewarded.