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help you exfoliate summer "back" by the attention  2018-6-13 19:30


you know, no matter when we are on the body with about 900 grams of dead skin cells, new cells grow, the aging of cells off the surface, if the clean up from time to time, the aging cell accumulation would dark skin looks rough, which is why many girls do not face acne, back acne-prone skin, but the reason the. in addition to the scrub, we have a tool dedicated to the dead body, for it is difficult enough to back, this tool has the unique advantage of it.

i want to smooth the united states back! practical tools to help your body to the dead

we are introducing today is the secret weapon: body massage brush! it is to help the dead skin off, keep the skin smooth and soft, a good way, not only can promote blood circulation, and reduce cellulite, and this is why the dry brush has been so enduring a popular reason. how to achieve the best exfoliating effect? we teach you the recipe.

how to choose the massage brush

how to choose massage brush

you'd better start from a soft bristle brush pick up, natural or nylon bristle is good choice. many brands have launched such a product, remember pick up special grip handle that easily (usually out of reach can easily clear the back of the skin), wool and a soft bristle brush.

recommended: the body shop body massage brush (figure)

price: 12 usd (about 84 yuan)

recommended reason: long nylon bristles provide gentle massage to remove dead skin without to stimulate the skin. easy to take the wooden handle grip, body massage, gentle on the skin to remove dead skin cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism. recommended to use in dry skin, the better.

how to use massage brush

how to use?

start brushing when the first dry skin, it is easier to remove dead skin cells. abundance of moist skin cells, is more difficult to remove.

done after a bath to rinse all dead, this time you will feel very refreshing whole body, dry off after a good body lotion applied.

body with a massage brush to remove dead skin can make skin more tender, but also from the inside out so that the skin more healthy, gain a shiny " new "own, quickly try it!

recommended: short handle brush massage (figure)

price: about 15 yuan

recommended reason: for holding a wooden handle, allowing you to easily usually enough to back out of reach, clean up the back of dead skin cells, acne is not easy, oh.