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self-test your eye skin age old  2018-2-13 19:30


method of calculation: option a plus 1 minute, add 3 points for b, option c, add 5 points

1, when to use your first bottle of eye cream?

a, 20-year-old

b, 25-year-old

c, 28 years of age

2, your work and living conditions more in line with the type below ?

a, for a long time in front of the computer in the office

b, often outdoors, to accept the wind and sun

c, occasionally using a computer

3, how do you sleep?

a, often stays up late, rarely asleep before 12 o'clock, sleep time is not fixed

b, sleep time is not fixed, but also the basic considered adequate

c, daily sleep time is the law, to maintain eight hours of sleep

4, currently the most you fear of the eye what the problem is?

a, always have dark circles

b, his eyes seemed to start with wrinkles

c, some loose skin and eye

5, whether there had been a history of smoking?

a, until now still smoking habits

b, was smoking, now quit

c, never

6, how much time you exercise each week?

a, 2 hours per week or less

b, 3 to 7 hours a week

c, more than 8 hours per week

7, you have what kinds of eye care products?

a, only the cream

b, eye cream and eye mask

c, eye cream, eye mask, eye makeup, sunscreen, etc. specialized eye

8, in the front of your eyes, sunscreen for you?

a, no, i could not even face sunscreen too lazy coated

b, i will no irritating sunscreen applied to the eye

c, i also apply to private eye skin sunscreen, each time with

9, when the applied eye cream, which you will use your fingers?

a, no impression, as if with the index finger

b, middle finger

c, no clear means

10, following several eye skin problem, which you have several, and score points according to the back (this problem can be selected):

dark circles (1 point) bags (1 point)

fine lines, dry lines (1 point)

eye pigment spots (2)

eye wrinkles (3)

* test results:

41 ~ 50 points: eye skin age 25

30 ~ 40 points: eye skin age was 30 years

21 ~ 29 points: eye skin age of 35

10 20 points: eye skin aged 40 years