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spring skin care is most needed element  2018-1-13 11:30


spring always make people feel the joy of new life. just had a brutal cold winter, our skin can finally relax and take care of. the water, vitamins a, c, e and iron, but the skin of the most desired elements.

1, vitamin a, c, e cosmetic effect does not generally

vitamins for the prevention of skin aging, keeping the delicate skin moisture plays an important role. japanese researchers found that vitamin e plays an important role for skin anti-aging. because vitamin e can destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, thus inhibiting aging. vitamin e also prevents lipofuscin calm the skin effect.

scientists found that lipofuscin formation and lipid peroxidation on. more food containing vitamin e are cabbage, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and so on. vitamin a, b2 is the skin smooth and nourish the essential material.

when the body lacks vitamin a, skin becomes dry, rough scaly; if a lack of vitamin b2, it will appear white mouth, lips, skin cracking, scaling, and color calm. vitamin a-rich foods, animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, butter, eggs and orange vegetables and fruits. foods rich in vitamin b2 are liver, kidney, heart, eggs, milk and so on.

tip: understanding vitamin a, c, e cosmetic effect, accelerate skin beautification.

2, vitamin a wrinkle is a significant feature

although acid a great effect for skin aging, however, instability and irritation allows too many cosmetic brands not act rashly. a family of vitamin a alcohol in there, a and a acid ester. winter is the vitamin a family, the most beautiful season, because most good anti-aging wrinkle invincible skill. if vitamin a can be taken in the underlying skin effect, eternal youth is no longer a dream, but not the shortcomings of the stability of vitamin a, like a acid concentrations were fit, otherwise it is very dangerous, and although alcohol a stable, but the effect on the less certain.

what foods contain vitamin a:

carrots, cod liver oil, liver, spinach are rich in vitamin a. but remember, eating vitamin a with fat or mineral needs, because it is oil soluble, it works in oil. vitamin c is we all need skin elements:

safe to use throughout the year. vitamin c must survive in weak acid, the effect we go play. now developed a lot of vitamin c derivatives, such as phosphate and the like, you can make to stay in the more stable vitamin c in skin care products.

vitamin a skin effect:

vitamin a regeneration of skin cells, great. we all know that, in order to look younger, and the skin have compact, and flexible, which is the dermis layer of skin collagen and elastic fibers of the number of useful relations. the vitamin a can promote the regeneration of the two substances, updating old skin cells and even cells can enhance each other's link power, so that wrinkles disappear. a acid can reach the appropriate skin, acne treatment efficacy.

skin effect of vitamin c:

in most whitening products add vitamin c to this component, because it can help the skin against uv rays, avoid dark spots, freckles produce, and was considered very whitening effect.

summer to avoid uv stimulation, prevention of sun-damaged skin, promote metabolism, so that the formation of melanin has been discharged, dilute the spot. to the fall and winter, but also change the skin blood circulation due to deterioration of the phenomenon of the emergence of dull. help the skin against external contamination against the ability to avoid skin fatigue, sallow ugly. if you have a lot of pressure, the skin becomes very fragile in virtually, but if we can continue to use vitamin c, will help the dermal layer of collagen to make skin look elastic not loose.

content of these foods rich in vitamin c: fresh vegetables such as cabbage, leeks, spinach, peppers and other fresh fruits such as oranges, dates, hawthorn, kiwi, etc.

3, vitamin e can increase the skin resistance:

if the vitamin a and vitamin c can help you eliminate as wrinkles, dull, etc., then the effect of vitamin e is to start from the inside, helping the skin strong, with less susceptible to damage resistance, the skin looks naturally beautiful the. vitamin e helps skin resist the pressure, in particular, are in the urban environment, every day by dirty air, exhaust, smoke damage, plus from live, work, academic pressure from all sides, often unable to maintain a normal schedule, internal troubles with foreign aggression aging is also accelerated the pace up, so i want to remain forever young, vitamin e is good partners.

what foods contain vitamin e:

wheat germ , beans, spinach, eggs, cabbage dishes, there are rich in vitamin e, if you want to add more vitamin e, eat better than the effect of wiping. because vitamin e intake is released through the skin effect is still limited. consumption of vitamin e in food or nutritional supplements, antioxidants can be from the inside out, from inside the body to the skin surface to achieve a comprehensive anti-aging purposes.

skin effect of vitamin e:

clear free radical skin naturally healthy. the most powerful ability of vitamin e, neutralize free radicals that will be due to sun, pollution, stress and eliminate free radicals, protect skin tissue. although it looks like vitamin a and vitamin c is not so powerful, but you can do to take care of the skin, so skin will not be early appearance of fine lines, loose situation. also promote skin microvascular circulation, the skin is always bright and clean in the blood, his face looks naturally vibrant red.