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6 great trick to build roaring waves  2017-12-7 19:30


fact, on the circumference of the women to pursue full, not solely for the eyes of male chauvinism, sometimes women are more concerned about is women between the comparison, there is cause you want to have exquisite shape, like chasing, there is no "wave," said the head seems a bit unlikely.

if you are still growing, the following these methods will not let you down, who already had a female puberty, do not be discouraged, or the application of these methods, like to get rid of the plight of the airport, if sustained, will be able to be received effect.


believe that most people have this knowledge , rarely see a girl with big breasts gushourucai, unless there are otherwise no special genetic material. yes, breast is basically a form of adipose tissue, during the development of nutritional deficiencies is impossible to have large breasts, but it happens to many women to lose weight, dieting intentionally, often this is not to eat, it does not eat, of course, she the chest will follow shrunk.

so breast, first of all to pay attention to nutrition. in the end how to eat? i believe many people have heard of a certain star is what green papaya peanut stew, or a certain star is the mother's tian jiuniang eat, or drink popular with people also have oyster soup ... .. and so on. in the end how to eat it effective? in fact, a balanced diet every day is the most important focus, such as three meals a day of whole grains of rice or whole wheat bread for breakfast, absolutely essential, in addition, women drink milk, yogurt, soy milk to add calcium, the body skeleton fully developed, and others such as eating foods containing β-carotene, such as: carrots, papaya, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, cantaloupe and other yellow-green fruits and vegetables are rich in β-carotene, because, according to u.s. epidemiological study reported that β-carotene-containing foods to eat, not only the development of the chest can also help prevent the risk of breast cancer. period to smooth

breasts are secondary sexual characteristics in women, of course, the secretion of female hormones are also related to breast development, do not underestimate the monthly menstrual cramps, but it is bulky smooth women is an important indicator of whether the normal menstrual cycle, the blood volume is too much or too little and the color is blackish or underweight, are related to external representation of women, problems arise not so taboo disease medical treatment, conditioning their menstrual smooth, breast development is also an important step to help.

massage: touch nothing east west tweak it

massage divided into two types one is lying in bed before going to bed, use the left hand massage right breast, right breast massage on the left way, way to rub from outside to inside, or the tiger's mouth with both hands to massage the way to the ring at the bottom of the breast to the nipple position. another way is taking a bath with shower with warm or cold water to wash the chest ring, remember to not use too hot water, oh! so as to out beautiful breast shape, and make the breast more flexible.


all chest movement, or is applied to the chest muscle exercise will help the development of breasts and increase flexibility, making it a natural to strong. such as: normal chest movement or more to train the use of dumbbell chest.

profile or directly up holding his hands out, all help to stretch and strengthen the pectoral muscles, can do more hands on weekdays straight out of chest movement. this action, whether at home or at work, very easy to do. or more people will use dumbbells heart, according to their own strength to choose the right weight, the two arms straight at each other back and forth to open the chest to expand cross and ten times a day, and two out of their inner circle of the way, repeated a fifth day, all help to enhance the breast tissue.


swimming is a good limbs balance exercise, not only by water, paddling arm, can fully chest, and the impact of the use of the buoyancy of water, is also the best for chest massage.

xiaobian recommended: to show the curves out of people, we must from now to correct those incorrect posture, with a healthy diet and lifestyle, start a bump have caused the revolution now! see details - breast life bit by bit from the beginning


although many women are afraid of this action, because it is very tiring, but it has been recognized as the most effective breast exercise. long as that cultivate the habit of doing every day, not only breast, it can reduce the abdominal, are caused by the want to have exquisite female figure, this is to serve multiple purposes, but ah!