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height exceptions may be suffering from congenital  2018-12-2 19:30


normal height depends on genetic factors, that is the height of the parents, the secondary depends on external environmental conditions, such as nutrition, lifestyle, physical exercise. some are too high or too low are considered themselves "born short" or "naturally high", in fact, is likely to suffer from some congenital diseases, which should first rule out abnormal height to symptomatic treatment of disease states.

people's hospital of jiangsu province, said chief physician jianbo, too short or too tall to be called the height exception. determine whether the abnormal height of a person, first with the local population compared to a normal height of the general population in the local average of 20% of the height range of floating over this range is the height exception. if you are a minor, who can compare with their peers around the same time refer to the parents height.

it is understood that height anomalies both internal factors and external factors, congenital factors, but also acquired factors. internal factors, mainly genetic factors, some of which are the normal familial genetic, while others may be genetic abnormalities, such as gene mutation, chromosomal abnormalities or certain congenital or caused by genetic disease. acquired factors include surgery, trauma, radiation damage, drugs, infections, tumors and certain systemic diseases. these factors lead to abnormal development of bone itself, or the endocrine system, metabolic disorders. external factors include nutritional factors and mental factors, the former principal and protein and other nutrients intake on; the latter more with the mental state, such as excessive trauma can lead to short stature.

jianbo, said height anomaly is a non-normal state, the general short lead parents or my attention, but also need to grow too fast or too much attention. height there is often abnormal in patients with other abnormalities, and mental developmental abnormalities such as gonadal, visceral or physical deformities. if these manifestations occur, first check to the hospital to rule out pathological disease states. most metabolic diseases, abnormal height, as long as early detection, to hormones and other treatments, can get some improvement.