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neonatal once the number is close to watery stool complex, the parents of the most anxious, overwhelmed, busy feeding boiled milk, to children more afraid of increased feeding diarrhea, less fear of feeding the baby hungry. some within a few days after birth the baby still in the hospital room a few times just to feed milk to diarrhea, and even fever. and cold exposure to medical staff have also taken place unconsciously increase the number of rare, sometimes the first few days of neonatal health is very healthy, but after discharge, breast milk is not enough to add some milk, babies can not stand, stool frequency increased and the water more than a smell, this is why?

physiological diarrhea prevention and care of the baby

physiological diarrhea, also known as non-infectious diarrhea can be said that the most common newborn baby diarrhea, and more common in babies 8 months. prone to diarrhea, the baby often physiological body than fat, often eczema, diarrhea shortly after birth, increased stool frequency and thin, but a good appetite, no vomiting and other symptoms, growth and development is not affected. this baby to add a food supplement, the stool will gradually return to normal.

in addition, your baby only three months, stool 3-5 times a day is normal, do not worry. i do not know whether your baby is breastfed, breastfed baby stool frequency than to feed the baby more milk, baby milk to feed a lot of time may be ranked only 1-2 times a day stool, while breast-feeding the baby every day stool frequency may be as many as four or five times, and the soft texture.

physiological diarrhea were generally mild diarrhea, intestinal infection with symptoms of diarrhea is basically the same. but this more than diarrhea caused by the improper feeding, so the baby will be obvious to resist emotional eating, and eating or vomiting when galactorrhea. compared to the other two, the spirit of good baby diarrhea, fever and no obvious general phenomenon. such is also the risk of diarrhea, lower than the other two, usually immediately after the removal of the cause of self-healing. its prevention and care the same as the other two can be an effective complement to infectious diarrhea.

● single feeding

attention to a single baby food and stability. recommended conditional nature of breastfeeding, if the baby drinking formula milk, the baby should be allowed to drink regular brand, do not arbitrarily change, so as not to meet the baby. if it is necessary to choose another brand of baby milk powder, milk powder will have to pay attention to the process of changing your baby have a reaction of stomach discomfort, if not the case, you should stop immediately replaced.

neutral temperature

baby belly bulge on the extremely sensitive to temperature changes, too high or too low can cause diarrhea. specifically, a 24-hour full-term newborn born baby, the most suitable temperature is 31 ℃ ~ 34 ℃; and small immature baby weight, the required temperature is relatively high, as 33 ℃ ~ 35 ℃. 4 to 7 days after birth the baby full-term needs of the neutral temperature of 31 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, while the immature baby needs a neutral temperature was 32 ℃ ~ 34 ℃. new baby room where the temperature must at least maintain above 25 ℃.

● diluted eating

either breast milk or other milk feeding, when the baby diarrhea occurs, can be boiled with sugar, salt mixed with an appropriate dilution of milk quality after the line feed. generally take more milk and sugar brine ratio of 1:1, and appropriate increase in the number of breast-feeding. this helps supplement the loss of nutrients and water baby, baby diarrhea and avoid aggravating the degree.

● cereal

taking cereal to your baby treatment of diarrhea, convenient and miraculous. because it contains high levels of carbohydrates, can increase the absorption of water and salt. but do not pay attention to rice boil too thin nor too thick. drinking frequency and amount proportional to the number of times with diarrhea. diarrhea improved, still insist on drinking twenty-three days rice, add water and nutrients the body loss, the diarrhea completely cured.

● hip care

whether newborn babies suffering from what kind of diarrhea, care must always pay attention to the buttocks. i remember going to the toilet flush after each hip, washed around the anus and buttocks painted nappy cream, vegetable oil or tannic acid ointment to prevent diaper rash from occurring. use cloth diapers, baby, diapers should be boiled for sterilization after cleaning.

baby diarrhea, intestinal infection prevention and care

intestinal infection occurs mainly in artificial feeding or mixed feeding newborn babies, because milk from disease caused by a dirty mouth. more by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, before the two more common, such as human rotavirus, such as e. coli and shigella. this condition occurs most frequently in the hospital nursery, the bacteria pass through the mother's birth canal when the new baby, and then by the hands of medical bacteria spread.

intestinal infectious diarrhea incubation period is short, fast onset, symptoms and often life-threatening baby! baby suffering from this type of diarrhea and vomiting associated with more than a fever (temperature up to 39 ℃ ~ 40 ℃), pale gray, low and weak crying, listlessness, weight dropped, oliguria, etc., such as diarrhea, tell my mother the most obvious signs are: baby diarrhea yellow green discharge when the water going to the toilet have hit the shot sound, sputtering out, and the smell of fish stink day stool frequency up to 10 times or so, and very prone to dehydration.

intestinal infectious diarrhea episodes as fast, serious illness, for the newborn baby's health and even life, can cause considerable threat, so in order to avoid this hazard, mom and dad is the key to proper prevention.

● breastfeeding

unclean artificial feeding intestine is caused by the largest cause of infectious diarrhea. therefore, we first promotion of breastfeeding, not only can help your baby away from the risks of diarrhea, but also enhance your baby's resistance to various bacteria. but to note, before feeding breastfeeding mother also cleanse the breast, usually can be washed with warm water.

● strict disinfection

if it is the lack of breastfeeding conditions, it may be exposed only in strict control of bacteria the chance of the baby. milk and milk with, as well as the use of baby clothes, etc., before use and must be disinfected after use, such as boiling sterilization, or such as "dettol" and disinfectant cleaning fluid is a good way. if conditions permit, available for baby clothing, feeding utensils and disinfectant cleaning solution designed to classify disinfection. for any family who may be exposed to the baby, including parents, family and child care nurse, aunt, etc., must be paid great attention to personal hygiene, so washing hands, disinfecting ground, when his body is not timely, but also to stay away from baby .

medical indications

once a baby suffering from this like diarrhea, must be the first time the hospital for treatment. before the hospital before the baby can be added for the first few times boiled sugar, salt, to prevent dehydration.


emergency deployment of "sugar, salt"

"sugar water" of the preparation methods are: drinking water, 500 ml, add 10 grams of sugar, salt 1.75 g, after boiling hot to be taken. severe diarrhea, the baby should be served in the first 4 hours 20 to 40 ml / kg body weight, at any time after oral administration, how much to drink much.

extraintestinal infectious diarrhea

extraintestinal infections mainly due to the impact of pathogens or toxins nervous system is not perfect, resulting in digestive disorders, increased bowel movements caused by diarrhea. especially in newborn babies suffering from otitis media, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, skin infections, sepsis and other acute infectious diseases, bacteria from the gut or the blood through the intestinal wall outside, into the intestine, causing enteritis, leading to diarrhea.

intestinal infectious diarrhea mostly in mild diarrhea. babies suffering from diarrhea of ​​such going to the toilet more times per day 10 times in the following, very few up to a dozen times, each stool are small, thin, or with water, yellow, or yellowish, sour taste, common white or yellow white milk valve (soaps) and foam, and mixed with a small amount of mucus. baby will become sick loss of appetite, slight fever (38 ℃ or less), but no obvious symptoms such as dehydration. as long as the treatment time, more can be recovered in a few days.

extraintestinal infectious diarrhea and more as newborn babies suffering from otitis media, pneumonia, skin infections, sepsis and other acute infectious diseases, the viruses cause diarrhea due to concurrency, prevention and care natural focus of the first heavy here.

● timely treatment

suffer if the baby does not care on otitis media, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, skin infections, sepsis and other acute infectious diseases, should be sent to hospital for treatment, so as not to cause diarrhea complicated.

● away from the infected

extraintestinal infections caused by diarrhea virus are highly contagious, therefore, whether at home or hospital, once discovered around similar symptoms, they must immediately isolate processing. from the source, to avoid the baby diarrhea caused by exposure to these viruses.

● vaccination

breastfeeding and to ensure removal baby nutrition, a comprehensive intake, the vaccination is to help the baby resist these infectious bacteria is a good helper. therefore, you do not have misgivings about her mother, a doctor's instruction must follow the vaccination schedule for your baby.

medical indications

extraintestinal infectious diarrhea although mild symptoms, but the same can not solve the problem at home, sent to hospital as soon as possible is the best way. but before that, the first few times you can take your baby boiled sugar, salt, replenish moisture.

infant diarrhea chinese food therapy

infant diarrhea fresh injury type, cold type, damp-heat and deficiency of the spleen. only difference between the different symptoms, therapeutic options, in order to receive the desired results.

1, food-type injury diarrhea

fresh injury type of diarrhea, abdominal distension abdominal pain, diarrhea before the crying noise, such as danhua like sour stools, bad breath, do not think of food and other symptoms, use the following diet:

soup, shepherd's purse : take fresh shepherd's purse 30 grams, add 200 ml of water, simmer and simmer till 50 ml, 1 served daily 2 to 3 times.

apple soup: take a washed apple, chopped with skin, add water 250 ml and a small amount of salt, decoction behalf of the tea. 1 year of age for children is greater than 1 year of age who can eat applesauce.

2, cold-type diarrhea

cold-type diarrhea have a bowel movement, such as bubble-like thin, pale, less odor, abdominal pain, bowel, or accompanied by fever, nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms, use the following diet: ginger tea: take green tea, dried ginger 3 grams, on the porcelain cup to brew 150 ml boiling water, cover and soaking 10 minutes of tea free beverage service.

solid intestinal rice soup: rice 30 grams (stir fry), 15 grams of yam, a total of porridge, cooked, add pepper, a little late, the amount of sugar transfer service.

3, damp-heat diarrhea

damp-heat diarrhea a water-like stool with undigested food, grass was green or yellow, a small amount of mucus, urine and other symptoms less yellow, use the following diet:

plum soup: plum 10 only, 500 ml of water decoction, zhuojia brown sugar to the cup of tea a day for several times.

orange jujube tea: take 10 dates, dry cleaned, placed in the wok chaojiao, access to clean orange peel 10 grams, two taste together into the insulation cup, with boiling water for 10 minutes, after dinner on behalf of the tea, 2 times a day service.

4, deficiency of the spleen diarrhea

spleen when the only type of diarrhea and sometimes diarrhea, unhealed or chronic diarrhea, stool, or with a thin white milk block, diarrhea after eating, pale and other symptoms, use the following diet:

carrot soup: take 250 grams of fresh carrots, washed, with peel and cut into a block, put the pot, add water boiled rotten to slag juice chin. 2 to 3 times daily.

chestnut soup: take 3 to 5 chestnuts, peeled mash, add appropriate amount of boiled into a paste, add sugar amount of seasoning, divided 2 to 3 times daily .