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Do not worry! Off air conditioning in children with fever should not be included in sex education  2018-10-11 19:30


summer fever is common in children, there are some kids fever every summer, as long as the appropriate treatment can be by fever, do not have to take medicine and injections . many parents will be anxious parents feed their children ibuprofen fever, also air conditioning off. if the child has hot body, her parents once again to take anti-fever medicine. this, in fact, there are two parents, the practice of error: first off air conditioning; second service antipyretics too frequent.

child fever instead of closing air

summer high fever for children, we all thought it was blowing air out, in fact, this charge can not be borne entirely by air. because the child had a fever is the need for cooling, if the ambient temperature is high, how could the body temperature down? therefore, fever children, or can help in air-conditioned room cooling.

"children have not fully developed function to regulate body temperature is good, the room temperature difference between inside and outside too, and out of a child with fever is caused by one of the main summer months." fever, experts pointed out that the child , do not turn off the room air conditioning, so that is not conducive to cooling. but the doors and windows can be open about regular ventilation.

children with fever fever should not be too fast

many parents eager to give their children fever, is worried that fever will burn the child's brain, it might affect the child's intelligence, in fact, fever is not affecting children (baby food) and mental development, but only suffering from encephalitis, meningitis and other diseases, can harm the brain system. fever is the body the necessary protection mechanism is a normal immune response, the body's white blood cells and blood bacteria, viruses in the war, against bacteria, viruses and other kind of reaction. fever your child have a certain immunity against the disease is capable of performance.

once the fever how to handle it?

one to the proper use of antipyretics. if the child does not exceed body temperature 38.5 ℃, generally do not need to use anti-fever drugs; but should closely observe the changes in body temperature, body temperature reached 39 ℃ if the children, in order to prevent heat cramps, under the guidance of a doctor, choose the appropriate cooling drug treatment, or the use of physical cooling, such as rubbing alcohol with 75% of the armpits and groin, can help the fever, the effect is good, children are willing to accept, but must be careful to pay attention to the children while grazing cover at any time, in order to avoid cold.

the second is to reduce the fever to the appropriate clothing. the method should not be taken to cover their lower body temperature sweat, the loss due to sweat too much will make children feel tired and weak. chinese medicine, significant loss of body fluid, but recovery of children with unfavorable.

three to keep indoor air fresh, regular windows open for ventilation. room temperature not too high, at 18 ℃ -20 ℃ to maintain appropriate the same time, do not let guotang feng blowing straight children.

fourth, if we do not relieve fever in children, to meet the doctor, make other checks. easy to identify the cause of the disease early, to facilitate targeted symptomatic treatment.

fifth fever in children, the diet should be light-based, easy to digest and absorb, to semi-liquid is appropriate. such as nutrition (nutrition) eggs, porridge and soup-like diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, in particular, to eat fresh fruits and vegetables containing vitamin c.