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"most" distinctive nine pairs of twins have you seen not  2018-9-14 19:30


the easiest to identify twin

this black and white twins born in australia in may this year. their 34-year-old father, singer is a pure white, 35-year-old mother, knight is a hybrid of jamaica and the united kingdom. the twins called alicia, a man named jia siman. alicia inherited her mother's features, dark skin, a pair of brown eyes, dark hair; gusi man is like a father with the same white skin, the hair is white, with blue eyes.

gene experts said that in most cases, such as knight mixed female, her eggs are usually white and black with two genes, only with a kind of color gene is very rare, like a pair of twins each carry a single color gene is even more rare. geneticist stephen said: "this one in a million chance, it really is a very rare phenomenon."

most like twins

is may 6, 1999 pennsylvania farm phoenixville shot sharif brothers (on the left is john sharif, the right is the william murui fu), who is the world's most like a long pair of twins

john sharif (john reiff) and william sharif (william reiff) is the world's guinness book of records looks the most like twin brothers, they gave twinsburg (twinsburg "twin castle, located in the united states, 15 miles southeast of cleveland"), leaving most of their heritage. the two twin brothers in 1970 after the first time twins festival, they often wear the same, talk the way is also very similar, and are willing to work with other twins dating, with gold spectacles which has received a lot of years "most similar" award.

longest twins separated by birth

sister fields ji mo (right) was born in the last century, the last day of 23:59, sister, tian ji chu (left) was born in this century, the first day of 0:01. this "century baby" to receive the first twins beijing cultural festival "the most special twins" award.

this little sister, a man named tian mo, a man named tian early times were two men born at 23:59 on december 31st 2000 and january 2001 on at 0:01 on the 1st. a difference of two minutes, actually belong to two centuries.

this year, china's oldest 97-year-old twins

sister zhao xiu-hong (right) from rural to city to visit his sister zhao xiuju (left), zhao xiuju accompanied sister to walk outside

rushan city, shandong province, a pair of 97-year-old twins sisters, shanghai great world guinness recognized than the "china's oldest twins," also a year older. zhao xiu-hong old sister is now living in the town, rushan city, haiyang wang nishimura, sister zhao xiuju living in rushan city, which twins born may 18, 1912.

although nearly a hundred, but two old way of thinking is very clear, chatted about familiar events of the past few decades ago, even the grandchildren and grandchildren's birthdays are heavy outside i remember very clearly, but they are some of the back of the ear, but loud speech can still hear clearly. they talk about the secret of longevity, zhao xiu-hong's 72-year-old second daughter songen zhen said, the elderly especially like to eat seafood, especially the oyster, her almost every day to eat oyster, sometimes three meals a day are oyster.

most different twins

2007 年 5 月, barton trent staffordshire england city a couple gave birth to 1 times the weight difference between the "miracle twins", when the younger brother james wright was born, the twin sister harriet weight, there are only half the size! the good news is that 13 months later, the "size of the twins" has long become almost the same size of healthy infants.

the red net road, little miss twins

nearly two sisters seems to have begun a busy calendar with two sets of two books on a variety show shot an interview with newspaper ads they yulgang both an endorsement of taiwan's version of the "twins".

deepest hidden twin: twin daughters, andy exposure

"andy lau and carol have been married for a full 18 years, their daughter 15 years old!" hong kong has a well-known artists at the banquet in beijing, when, and andy had a friendship of a drink-burst l word mantra older stars ! andy lau photos twin daughters accident exposure, andy lau has been hiding behind these three women seem to finally have higher status.

this lovely twins, from birth to the present, but is "frozen" for over ten years, long enough, long enough!

richest twins

in hollywood, with a total there is some houshengkewei young people their age do not, but it has fame and money. hilton sisters is an example, but it is powerful than their twin sisters olsen sisters. hilton sisters not bad reputation, they are the richest twins.

children do not grow taller can not "wait and see"

most miserable twins

2008 年 6 月 brisbane, australia, city, and one of 18-month-old twin brother and sister because no feeding, starved to death at home. their bodies were found at 16, from the time of death has been a week. what is shocking is that the twins babies from starving to death in the process, has been living with his family under the same roof.

twin brother and sister australian media the name of "zaid" and "lily", weight 4000 grams per person per death. their bodies were discovered has decomposed. currently, the twin's parents have been detained, and twins due to failure to provide necessities of life lead to infant death has been charged.