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from cold winter baby shower tips  2018-8-10 19:30


study found that the water temperature 34 ℃ ~ 36 ℃ antipruritic effect when there is calm; 37 ℃ ~ 39 ℃ to remove the most general fatigue; 40 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ when sweating analgesic effect. winter how to wash oil can not only remove sweat, fatigue, medicinal properties, improve sleep, improve the skin's metabolism and disease resistance, but also to treat certain diseases.

1. cold water bath when cold water is applied to the skin, the skin and severe contraction of blood vessels, blood flow to internal organs or deep tissues, organs can increase metabolism, gastrointestinal activity, motility speed , the entire digestive system enhancements to improve digestion and absorption capacity, the appetite strong. in cold water stimulation, the brain would immediately excited, mobilized 全身各器官 organizations to strengthen activities against the cold, the whole body vascular relaxation exercise is regulated by the central nervous system. long-standing cold bath exercise, can increase the central nervous system function, slow aging and death of brain cells. at the same time cold bath exercise on neurasthenia, headache, insomnia and others have good control effect. cold bath that causes cells to active, maintain a panacea, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty.

2. hot water bath at 42 ℃ every day soaked in hot water about 3 to 4 minutes, can control the gastric acid secretion, reduce and control hyperacidity, stomach and duodenal ulcer patient's condition; bath, the parts of the chest in 40 ℃ warm water soak for 20 minutes, make the peripheral vasodilation and increase the heart's blood supply, insufficient blood supply to ease the patient's heart; the painful area to about 40 ℃ hot water shower for about 5 minutes, especially the vulnerable head pain, shoulder and waist, can be washed while doing a soft movement, rotation around the neck, can promote blood circulation and relieve pain.

3. cold water wash with cold water wash, is not only beneficial to disease prevention, but also conducive to beauty. because cold water can stimulate the improvement of facial blood circulation, but also enhance the skin's elasticity, eliminate or reduce facial wrinkles. cold water wash can also train a person's ability to cold, colds, rhinitis occur, neurasthenia, nervous headache patients also had benefits. course, wash your face with cold water temperature is not too low, to 10 ℃ or so.

4. hot feet feet with hot water, can make blood vessels expand, local blood flow faster, thereby increasing the legs nutrient supply. many points of human foot, foot massage process is the process. feet before going to bed with hot water, both clean and sanitary, and fatigue, but also play a role in preventing and curing diseases. feet with hot water in winter persist for frostbite has some preventive effect. suffering from insomnia and varicose veins of the human foot, feet every night with hot water, can reduce symptoms, to sleep. of course, the foot-washing water can not be too hot, not to exceed 45 ℃ appropriate.

5. warm water brushing one's teeth in the 35 ~ 36.5 ℃ temperature in order to carry out normal metabolism. about 35 ℃ warm water is a benign oral protective agent, the use of such water gargle, can lead to a refreshing, comfortable texture. if you regularly give teeth to cold and heat stimulation, may lead to bleeding gums, dental pulp or nerve spasms.

winter to help the baby bath, baby is not cold small coup:

one must take a bath, wipe dry the body and wear clothes and supplies are ready at hand. (to be clean put away layers of clothes, jacket in the bottom, then sweaters, underwear, diapers open on top, and heating equipment, such as hot water bottle with them wu warm.)

second, wear waterproof aprons, prevent their clothes wet, but also a large spread in the thigh and soft towel, but also paved a chest, so you cuddle bath when the baby will feel warm and comfortable.

three, very small babies can not properly regulate their body temperature, so to minimize the time he was naked. (which can let the baby in his underwear to baby shampoo)

four, added to the water go over the baby bath soap to use.

five larger babies can be inflicted with a hood-shaped towel: he will feel safer and more comfortable. if you leave that towel drying on the heater warm, especially the other will feel that way.

six, used to the baby in the bath tub before the best time to put in only about 10 cm deep water.

seven, never use baby powder. with this powder, easy to make baby's skin dry, but also in the skin folds in the agglomeration, leading to inflammation and raw rash.