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baby will not eat several snacks  2018-6-13 19:30


carbonated drinks: if you want to give the baby a drink, not drink milk, can give the baby to drink diluted, unsweetened fruit juice.

fast food: do not give the baby to eat fast food, french fries, hamburgers, sausages high-fat, high salt, high sugar foods.

& chocolate popcorn: popcorn is high lead levels, children lead detoxification function of the weak, eat eat popcorn prone to chronic lead poisoning; chocolate consumption too much will make central nervous system in the excited state, resulting in anxiety, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms that affect the child's appetite.

could choke food: such as raisins, popcorn, chunks of apple jelly and so on. the baby is small, eat peanuts, tree nuts have to be careful of a class, the best adult help crack or chew before eating.