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feeding posture how to make baby and mother are comfortable  2018-5-16 19:30


baby and mother are comfortable nursing position look like? in fact, the choice of what breast-feeding position, the mother must adhere to the baby's face to the breast.

1, the cradle hold law

this is the most simple shaking method. mother support his arm elbow inside the baby's head, so that his mother's abdomen close to the living body, and then holding the other breast.

2, cross-cradle hold method

this holds method is suitable for premature children, weak suck or have difficulty with nipple baby. this law and hold the baby's cradle hold position in the same method. but this holds law, my mother will not use the baby's head on the inside of the elbow, but also with the other hand to hold the baby's head. this mother can have more control over the direction of the baby head.

3, football hold law

mother breast more large or protruding nipple retraction or flat when not hold for this method. the baby on the mother side of the body, the mother with the same side of the forearm to support the baby's back, hand on the baby's neck and head. this easy to observe whether the baby has been in prison diao nipple to form an effective breast-feeding.

4, lateral holding method

this holds method for cesarean mom, baby avoid pressure wounds. mother side in bed, face to face with the baby. then the baby's head in the crook of the arm, so that his mouth and to maintain the level of the mother's nipple. support the baby with a pillow back. this method allows meal feeding mother when the baby to rest, help mothers post-partum recovery.