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why not eat mushrooms and colds?  2017-12-7 19:30


is a common edible mushroom, mushroom in recent years with the "anti-tumor, anti-viral" effect of the two growing attention by scientists. japanese doctors found that eat mushrooms can promote metabolism, energetic, less prone to colds.

why not eat mushrooms susceptible to flu?

reason: most colds are caused by a virus, colds and a decline in their resistance to disease. eating mushrooms can help prevent a cold, may also be based on these two points. according to the determination, mushrooms are rich in protein, amino acids, wheat sterols, vitamins, linoleic acid, enzymes, and a lot of calcium, iron, copper material, especially mushrooms with a variety of essential amino acids. so, eat mushrooms help boost nutrition, but also enhance the body's resistance to diseases, and thus useful for the prevention of colds.

second, the mushrooms have antiviral activity. studies have shown that mushrooms containing mushrooms rna, can stimulate the body to produce and release interferon, and interferon can eliminate the virus body, strengthen the body of the "flu" virus resistance, and the mushrooms contained in the mushrooms have more purine strong anti-viral functions.