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all pregnant women should drink a day how much milk?  2017-6-19 19:30


when you promoted to an expectant mother, the most important thing is the body to adjust to the best state, the first step should be adjusted is appropriate to increase nutrition, especially to increase dairy intake.

shaonai mothers drink what is appropriate, but should choose what milk? generally recommended, after the second trimester, drink 300d500 ml of milk per day (about 1d2 bags), to supplement calcium and protein.

can also add some other nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and so on. those who do not drink milk trimester pregnant women, and now must quickly act. some mothers do not like creamy, should also be to the calf, to overcome the food preferences, drink milk every day.

choose milk, according to the tastes and preferences of pregnant women to protect their appetite. moreover, we note that if pregnant women eat too small, lack of dietary energy, increase in milk 3% d5% of the sugar; pregnant women, high blood sugar, should choose sugar-free milk or sugar-free skim milk; pregnant women, overweight or obese, it can choose sugar-free skim milk; pregnant if lactose intolerance, you can choose to take a small amount of yogurt or fresh milk, milk began to gradually adapt to the volume after the addition. renal dysfunction when pregnant women, should decrease the intake, or according to the doctor, clinical nutritionist diet doctor, diet content of reasonable adjustment.

however, not only pregnant women should drink milk every day, for each person, the milk should be with you every day.