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narcolepsy symptoms  2018-11-9 11:30


narcolepsy is a sleep during the day over extended, has nothing to do with lack of sleep at night, not a drug, the body due to organic diseases, nor is it some kind of mental disorders (such as nerve weakness, depression) as part of the symptoms.

through years of clinical practice yang summarized the major symptoms of narcolepsy as follows:

(1) of this sleep disorder occurs every day, for 1 month or more, or repeated episodes of sleep, cause significant distress or affect the work or family life.

(2) wake up to the length of time fully awake state.

(3) during the day and sleep at night has nothing to do with the performance of sleep or excessive sleep onset.

(4) some patients difficult to identify psychological factors associated with clinical manifestations and difficult to deny the existence of these factors.

(5) patients and recognition of the psychological factors explain the differences, some patients fall asleep during the day would be inappropriate and unpleasant experience during the day and the specific link; while others even when experienced physicians confirmed the existence of these experiences, the patient denied this link.

(6) exclusion of organic diseases caused by daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy, narcolepsy more with the incidence of psychological factors.

(7) may be associated with a number of psychiatric symptoms, but others can not give a clear diagnosis.

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