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hernia worry marked "patch" was discharged  2018-9-14 19:30


recently, the 65-year-old rip van winkle as chronic constipation, straining on the toilet when the need is often hard, always felt a dull pain at the side of the groin. touched, the right scrotum the size of a full drum like papaya, which has a mass of soft whirring things. came to the hospital and found the right groin lipper is a huge risk of hernia. right groin to the right side of the scrotum, the strengths of diameter greater than 25 cm, and the emergence of "second abdominal" situation, which has reached the patient's hernia sac can accommodate a large number of abdominal contents, and will become increasingly large, the situation has very serious. guangdong provincial people's hospital of abdominal wall hernia surgery thyroid blood vessel owner penrhyn suggested as such a serious hernia, surgery must be immediately, or else.

"small" problem child into big trouble for the elderly population at risk

hernia, also known as "intestinal gas string" is part of a tissue or organ to leave the original site, through the human body gap, defect or weak parts into the other parts of the phenomenon. hernia great harm, it will first affect the patient's digestive system, resulting in patients with abdominal bulge, such as fatigue and physical decline. high incidence of hernia in general surgery plays an important role in the disease, especially in the elderly population incidence dramatically. it is estimated that there are 3 million cases per year in china over the inguinal hernia patients required surgery. but most of the hernia patients for various reasons without access to modern advanced methods of treatment. since the initial performance of hernia is not very serious, so we often see many patients around the hernia does not matter the situation as not to treat, but often end up seriously affecting the quality of life and even life-threatening.

hernia incidence in china is about 0.3%, its prevalence in the population is mainly elderly and children, the elderly become as weak transverse fascia wear, boys as testicular drop into the scrotum from the abdominal cavity through which the pore region (such as the navel is not a good long), prone to hernia. because the body structure is different, the ratio of men to be suffering from hernia female equivalent of 15 times. as the groin and adjacent to the genitourinary system, so elderly patients prone to urinary frequency, urgency, nocturia and other bladder or prostate disease; children may be affected because of hernia testicles squeezed the normal development.

in addition, chronic constipation, cough, obesity, pregnancy, hard labor and a prostate disease can increase intra-abdominal pressure, is also induced hernia risk factors. bo-hernia cause constipation is caused because of the elderly with long-term.

only civil remedies hernia surgery credible

for the treatment of various diseases, known as earth folk remedies, and hernia treatment is no exception. such as drug up, tonic, small series on the internet to find debu next 20 cases, or by injection sclerotherapy to patients for treatment. however, in the guangdong provincial people's hospital vascular surgery master ren penglin thyroid abdominal wall hernia, these folk remedies to cure hernia can be said to be completely ineffective if given the children with injection sclerotherapy, patients are likely to lead to hardening of the spermatic cord, thus losing the reproductive function .

"only surgery to cure hernia." penrhyn, "said the cause of the incidence of hernia is congenital or acquired due to transverse fascia caused by damaged or leaking, the like clothes, broke a hole in its own length to be good is impossible, it only surgical repair. "

too young for pediatric patients, penrhyn director is not recommended for urgent surgical repair. "on the one hand to his physical development of children just beginning, there may be loopholes in the growth process itself of this long good repair; the other hand, the best children's hernia surgery is four to five stages, as long as no" incarcerated. " (ie, intra-abdominal effluent can not be returned to the abdominal cavity through the external force), there is no danger, or so at the appropriate time for surgery in children, "pang lin said. peng lin suggested that the conditions for the children do not have the surgery, hernia patients, you can try using hernia belt, appear to help reduce the risk of outflow from the abdominal cavity organs. but this does not play a therapeutic role.

but for adults, with a hernia on the possible role of reduced greatly. as a long time to wear will bring discomfort, and second, for them, so that foreign objects will bring a lot of inconvenience. peng lin believes that adults - especially middle-aged men at high risk of this kind - after suffering from hernia surgery should be early detection and early treatment, because this is the only way to cure hernia, and early treatment will reduce the difficulty of surgery and allow patients to recover faster.

to the abdominal cavity to make a "patch" new lease of life after 1

traditional hernia surgery that is to appear broken transverse fascia to suture tension, the need for general anesthesia. even so, the patient throughout the procedure is still associated with greater pain, and postoperative recovery periods up to three months, or even six months to a large hernia year, the relapse rate remains as high as 10%. this traditional surgery has now rarely used, but in some parts of the country is still in use.

this for like rip van winkle, and then the older patients with chronic constipation, the traditional method of hernia repair surgery is clearly impossible. without hesitation, immediately if the surgery to be treated with this, not only to increase the patient's pain and risk, and relapse can not fully guarantee the future. in this regard, the guangdong provincial people's hospital of abdominal wall hernia surgery thyroid blood vessels taken a different surgical approach is not new, that individual tension-free repair. master ren penglin with the words: "like to rip holes in clothes marked with a patch."

this is not just a "patch", how can i with the just put a patch called the same as foreign objects into the human body by? peng lin jieshao, this "patch" special materials used in the main use is made of polypropylene, used in foreign clinical history of over 50 years, embedded in the human body completely non-toxic side effects. of course, this level of quality medical materials are also divided, like the hernia patch made of medical price of about 1,000 to 2,000 yuan within range, while import prices are higher than the patch 4,000 yuan, up 6,000 yuan. the use of individual tension-free repair costs are the main treatment of choice depends on the price of the patch, according to the investigation, the operating costs of hernia surgery in guangdong province, which charges only 1,100 yuan.

"we are looking for is the better patch aperture, the more light the better the quality, the thickness of the thinner the better, more natural way to meet the body's physical structure. "penrhyn said.

tension-free repair because the individual is taken to minimally invasive treatment, the incision is only 4 to 6 cm, the minimum cut of up to 2-3 cm, and take local anesthesia, the dose has been precisely controlled. one to reduce the suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in elderly lung surgery risk, and second, to speed up patient recovery time after surgery, three to effectively control the recurrence rate, the original 10% to about 1%. peng zhuren that hernia surgery like this, from admission to discharge for, only 24 hours, including surgical procedures only 45 minutes to 1 hour or so, but must be at least the day before surgery to make an appointment.

guangdong provincial people's hospital vascular surgery for the thyroid abdominal wall hernia surgery time is up to five years can be effective for patients with 500-600 cases of this operation, lee peter is just one of them.

course, peng director lin also reminds us that if it is suffering from chronic cough, constipation, obesity and prostate disease patients, in order to ensure smooth operation, or the hope of patients first these conditions for their effective control.

it is understood that the success of rip van winkle in the hospital for surgery, and has been successfully cured.

postoperative note

1. wound care:

(1) 2-3 days after surgery, the wound will be some tension pain, which was normal phenomenon

(2) keep the home clean and dry after the wound, the wound to cosmetic plastic cover

2. diet:

(1) increase the dairy products, eggs, fish, high protein intake, can promote wound healing

(2) daily intake of at least 2000cc of water or eat fruits and vegetables, can prevent constipation

3. daily living:

(1) forced a sudden cough or suppress the activity of hand wound, relieve abdominal pressure caused by the wound pain

(2) within one month after surgery to avoid abdominal pressure rise of activity: such as cough, the solution will be hard, heavy lifting, long up and down stairs, climbing, cycling , riding motorcycles and running and other vigorous exercise

4. the following circumstances, please immediately return to clinic:

(1) fever

(2) wound redness, swelling, heat, pain, abnormal secretion inflammation

(3) persistent vomiting or wound pain