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How to prevent breast cancer care?  2018-6-13 19:30


history of benign breast tumors, breast cancer family history, age of first pregnancy more than 30 years old, never birth, eating too much fat or overweight after menopause, the risk of certain chronic breast disease, early menarche, 12 years of age or menopause later than 55 years old, and long-term use of estrogen control menopausal symptoms of women, breast high, need to be vigilant?

40 years old women, especially those who have these risk factors for breast cancer, should be a regular annual breast cancer screening?

protection from breast cancer

some women often was exceptionally breast swelling and dull pain, which is the breast to your warning signal, swelling? pain is likely to be the early symptoms of breast hyperplasia?

clinical manifestations and risk

mammary glands are the most common type of breast disease, accounting for the first breast clinic? after the onset of puberty occurred in women of any age? to breast pain? nodules as the basic performance, multi-bilateral, but also unilateral pain? the nature of pain into pain? sting? channeling the pain? pain or tenderness, the performance often unstable? may be pre-menstrual? emotional changes? tired? worse when the weather changes?

once suffering from breast cancer, the patient will be emotionally upset? irritability? fear, etc.? decline in physiological function indirectly, such as sexual apathy? menstrual disorders? physical decline and so on? in the pathology can be associated with other gynecological diseases, such as endometriosis? the treatment can be a reasonable and timely clinical remission, few if not treated properly, will be the development of atypical hyperplasia atypical hyperplasia, and then may turn into cancer?

some facts about breast cancer data

roots born unlucky, chen xiaoxu due to breast cancer death in the evening of may 13? breast cancer, far away from us? take a look at a set of data -

breast cancer in the united states on statistics:

in the female population , 8 there is a will suffer the threat of breast cancer?

every two and a half that is a kind of women are diagnosed with breast cancer?

in 2006, an average of every 13 minutes a woman dying from breast cancer?

only in the past year, there are 212,920 women by the invasion of breast cancer, about 40,970 patients to face death?

1990 to 2002, due to the understanding of breast cancer awareness and self-examination, annual breast cancer death rate to 2.3 percentage decrease?

also in this period, the acceptance of breast x-ray radiography of the 40-year-old female figures in the rapid growth? in 1985, only 2% of women received the shot in the past two years? by 2000, this figure has increased by 70%?

breast cancer, weight-related

weight and breast cancer what is the relationship? look at this set of data: if the standard weight of 70 kilograms, for each additional 10 kg, the incidence of breast cancer increased by 20%, while the 60-year-old woman for every 10 kg body weight, the risk of breast cancer will increase by 80% ?

why the breast cancer incidence rate has continued to "higher"? according to the survey, which is largely urban living standards? structural changes in the food? excessive body fat can be converted into estrogen to stimulate breast tissue? in addition, high intake of fat, can lead to reduced immune function, create an opportunity for cancer? meanwhile, some nutrition or health in the extensive use of oral estrogen, but also worsened the endocrine environment of middle-aged women, leading to breast cancer?

give up 30% of early breast cancer, breast-conserving

breast x-ray examination is the most effective method of early detection of breast cancer, female friends in palpable breast lumps before hand, we can identify 0 to 2a in patients with early stage? for the younger? mass less? in the 0 to 1a during the early patients is generally recommended to do breast-conserving surgery, all patients accounted for 40% to 50%? however, 20% to 30% of patients relapse and out of security concerns, often do not agree with breast-conserving? breast-conserving, every 6 months to 1 year check, can greatly reduce the risk of recurrence?

save the breast but also to save the soul

many breast cancer patients there is a clear mental depression and mental disorders, mainly anxiety? nervous? fear and a certain degree of sexual dysfunction?

in addition, the peak age of breast cancer in women just after menopause, women in this age group, gender roles of their deep-rooted view, mastectomy, they often that "i'm not a complete woman" and the idea of ​​self-understanding of social roles and gender roles are beginning to appear disorder? 45-year-old woman, often the cause? the most important of family stress when their original condition increased the pressure, so their heart care and communication is particularly important?