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pregnant women avoid risk of pregnancy induced hypertension pregnancy-induced hypertension  2018-4-16 19:30


pregnancy-induced hypertension is a disease unique to pregnancy. the symptoms: ankle edema, thick fingers become fat, but also increases the weight too much protein in urine.

edema, weight gain and proteinuria over these phenomena occur simultaneously, is characteristic of pregnancy-induced hypertension, and, often accompanied by abnormal elevation of blood pressure. pregnancy-induced hypertension show renal dysfunction. if the disease did not receive timely treatment, may lead to serious consequences, complications such as eclampsia. pre-eclampsia pre-eclampsia can occur, such as headache, stomach pain and immediate feeling of flying flies. if the above symptoms, you must immediately rash. therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to the following points:

(1) regularly weighed

regularly weighed, in order to detect excessive weight increase phenomenon.

(2) during pregnancy should always test the urine

under normal circumstances, urine does not contain protein. therefore, the need for regular urine tests to detect any trace protein in urine. in the first six months of pregnancy, testing 1 month; 7 to 8 months, 1 test every two weeks; to 9 months, 1 week test. once in their urine protein, even trace amounts, should tell the doctor. after the discovery of proteinuria, urine testing should be more frequent.

(3) regular blood pressure

if the first first pregnancy, and the very young, found the blood pressure, weight gain and protein in urine, it is necessary and timely medical treatment. because 20-year-old pregnant women and young mothers prone to early pregnancy induced hypertension.

pregnancy-induced hypertension treatment: first, rest, and second, appropriate control salt diet. other treatments according to doctor's orders and the line.