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female kidney and deficiency  2018-2-13 19:30


it is generally said that kidney, are thought of it is man's patent. in fact, women are prone to kidney, kidney cause female sex, infertility, menstrual disorders and vaginal discharge thin, easy to slip fetal movement and other symptoms.

women compared with men, yang is weak, if work and family pressure, diet not pay attention to the prevention of cold, or long-term work in air-conditioned environment. more likely to suffer from kidney, resulting in premature aging. kidney is generally more common in menopausal women, showed insomnia, irritability, hair loss, dry mouth and throat, dark circles and melasma and other "kidney" symptoms. recommended to eat more fish, duck, black fungus, black sesame, walnut, caterpillar fungus.

currently, there are many young women also suffer from a kidney, they are mostly "deficiency", caused by spleen yang, manifested as fear cold cold, loss of appetite, indigestion, apathetic, etc. , because women themselves are relatively yang physiological characteristics of virtual , plus live, work pressure, long-term mental tension, resulting in weakening of the spleen and stomach of women, which appear spleen yang. recommendations can take pill, right go balls medicine, but also eat lamb, leeks, velvet and so on.