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eat pumpkins can prevent Qiuzao  2018-1-13 11:30


rich in vitamin e qi save lung

hsiu-yuan chen qing doctors said: "the pumpkin blood of the wonderful products. "" compendium of materia medica, "said the pumpkin up (the stomach) qi effect. "medicine seal to" guide melon has also saved the lung qi effect. "in fact, the reason why pumpkins are so high rating because it is a highly nutritious health food." posts and telecommunications hospital, guangzhou, director of endocrinology lvji cheng said that the fall dry climate, increased rich vitamin a, e of food, can enhance immunity, of great benefit in improving symptoms of autumn dryness. the pumpkin is just on the rich in vitamin e. in addition, pumpkin contains β-carotene, can be absorbed by the body into vitamin a.

can huwei beauty purge

dr. lv said that in addition to anti-qiuzao pumpkin addition, it contains pectin can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa from rough foods stimulate and promote ulcer healing, suitable for patients with stomach. pumpkin ingredients can promote bile secretion, strengthen the stomach and intestines to help digest food.

in addition, pumpkin can purge skin, so smooth stool, there is also a cosmetic effect, minister of the qing dynasty zhang has suggested the empress dowager cixi eat pumpkin.

need to be reminded to eat too much pumpkin, excessive intake of β-carotene, the susceptible carotene on the yellow disease. so do not eat pumpkin daily meal staple food of more than the amount.

pumpkin black rice

wash the pumpkin cut to handle, remove the seeds, sliced, 200 g pumpkin, black rice, 150 grams, jujube 60 grams . the black rice, jujube washed into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, boil over high heat first, then switch to gentle heat, cook until rice bad can be.

pumpkin paste

steamed pumpkin 150 g, followed by adding 40 grams of sugar, 250 ml of milk, 1 egg.