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suspected bird flu patients in Vietnam died 8 year-old sister was hospitalized  2017-12-7 19:30


yesterday, vietnam is a suspected bird flu virus killed 13-year-old girl died, her 8-year-old sister was also infected, remains in hospital. world health organization (who) is responsible for bird flu affairs spokesman gregory lihateer said that although the h5n1 avian influenza since 2006, the number is declining, but still not the avian flu disease control, the incidence of this disease can not be too optimistic.

according to vietnamese media reports, the girl called pei's magpie county bus from dien thanh hoa province in the community. before he died, she cough, fever, breathing difficulties and other symptoms of avian influenza; dead 8-year-old sister, pei grass january 3 by the vietnamese ministry of health confirmed infection with the h5n1 avian influenza virus, first identified in vietnam this year's bird flu patients. currently, pei grass being treated in hospital, his condition stabilized. according to pei, the father of two sisters, co-introduced, the sisters had the disease a week before eating the meat of dead chickens.

vietnam currently being carried out further investigation. control measures have been implemented, and are identifying and monitoring close contacts. it is understood, not the recent two cases, vietnam has so far confirmed the h5n1 bird flu reaches 107 cases, 52 deaths.

in addition, the vietnam people's committee vice chairman county dam foot lu luan said the county yunnan village, township 6 19 383 farmers raising chickens infected with avian ago influenza virus. local authorities on a large-scale culling of infected poultry.

h5n1 virus mutate

7 world health organization japan has just released a statistical report shows that since 2003 a total of 15 countries were infected with the occurrence of h5n1 avian influenza cases, a total of 393 sick and 248 people were killed. since 2003, yearly illness and deaths, which peaked in 2006, a total of 115 sick, 79 people were killed, then the data is declining. 88 people sick in 2007, 59 people were killed; 42 people sick in 2008, 31 people were killed. 15 countries, indonesia and vietnam, the largest number of incidence, egypt and china ranked third, fourth.

bird flu the world health organization spokesman gregory lihateer interview with reporters yesterday, said that although figures from bird flu have eased, but not this is too optimistic. this year's figures may be even more than last year.

hartle said that while governments are struggling to control the epidemic, and to promptly report cases to the outside world, but the spread of avian flu is still not effectively controlled. meanwhile, free-range bird migration and family status can not be changed. he said, "data show that industrial poultry farms, humans likely to be less than the family backyard, but we must also accept the chinese and southeast asian countries such as the status of the family backyard."

in addition, h5n1 viruses have also changed. from the world health organization's influenza network laboratory test results showed that: in 1997 and 2003 h5n1 virus compared to the current h5n1 virus has undergone a considerable degree of variation, increasing its pathogenicity, which means that h5n1 to adapt to thus enhancing the ability of the body.

vietnamese life is not affected

correspondent yesterday xinhua news agency correspondent in vietnam, huang haimin connection. he said the vietnamese news on bird flu and do not care, people's lives as usual. he said, "chicken is the main food of local people, even in 2005, occurred 61 cases of human infection with avian influenza disease period, people still eat chicken." huang haimin introduction, the vietnamese government on human infection of bird flu news enlightened government in a timely manner to the outside world informed of the epidemic, the reporter can also issue free interview.