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Expert Lecture: basic knowledge of chancroid | chancroid treatment of the best hospitals in Kunming  2017-7-17 19:30


kunming medical college affiliated rehabilitation hospital experts today for you on the basics of chancroid. chancroid in tropical and subtropical regions, higher incidence, clinical common sexually transmitted diseases, in recent years, its incidence is increasing, many people chancroid do not understand, as much as possible in order to prevent chancroid.

recent years, some western countries like the united states, canada, found that chancroid outbreaks, mainly in poor, heterosexual people, these people often have with prostitutes sexual contact, of which over 50% of male patients with chancroid are transmitted with a prostitute.

80's, chancroid have found some areas in china, but the disease is still rare, the monitoring system reported chancroid cases increased year by year, chancroid is common in men women are rare, male to female ratio of about 9:1, probably due to occur in the vagina and cervix of damage does not cause symptoms, it is difficult to find the.

chancroid pathogens as haemophilus ducreyi's virus, haemophilus ducreyi infection in the body after, mainly by polymorphonuclear leukocytes in the local clearing chancroid bacteria. other channels are involved in immune kill bacteria is not clear, such as the alternative pathway of complement activation, complement is involved in serum killing of haemophilus ducreyi, this process may be mainly antibody dependent. complement play a role in enhancing antibodies. bacterial lipopolysaccharide on the reaction was sensitive to the composition of the decision.

clinical diagnosis of chancroid, the ducreyi bacteria antigen western blot assay to detect serum igg, igm antibodies increased. by serum antibody tests showed the presence of specific epitopes. ducreyi bacteria as a rabbit with experimental infection can cause a strong antibody response, the antibody synthesis after infection with the other cells the same, but the process of the human antibody response to more than animals.

throughout the infection process can identify the existence of an important common antigen, in the presence of infection can be identified during a joint and individual antigen-associated antigen. in short ducreyi bacteria on the host immune response itself, the role remains unclear, because humans can repeat infections. obviously there is no fully protective immunity.

recent study found that chancroid is to promote the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv-1) in the heterosexual transmission of important co-factor, many experts believe that the control and eradication of chancroid is to reduce the hiv-1 heterosexual transmission in one of the effective, rehabilitation hospital of kunming medical college of experts also remind you that must be quickly treated chancroid.