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Beijing Beijing Ren Hospital treatment of hemiplegia sequela major breakthrough  2017-6-19 19:30


held in beijing recently organized a "multi-organizational activity of cytokine-mediated activation of nerve cell therapy" workshop, a way through the chinese medicine treatment of sequelae of hemiplegia means been unanimously endorsed by the experts. experts pointed out that currently chinese medicine for the treatment of sequelae of hemiplegia led a major breakthrough in the field, so that 92.1% of refractory patients to be completely recovered. this is not only filled the sequelae of the treatment of hemiplegia a gap in the field, medical field in the future will be widely used.

with diet changes, stroke incidence, mortality and morbidity have increased year by year, is a kind of serious harm to human health and disease. china is affected by complications of hemiplegia one of the most affected countries, its incidence rate of 185 per 100 000 population per year to 219 cases. incidence with age, about 72% of strokes occur in the first 65 years of age or older, prevalence rates per 100,000 population of about 429 to 620 cases. to our calculation of the total population of 1.2 billion, the stroke patients - 744 of about 5.15 million people, numbers are very alarming. stroke mortality rate was 116 per 100 000 population per year to 142 cases, in many areas is the first cause of death. survival of patients after a stroke, about 60% to 80% have varying degrees of disability, severe impact on normal life. and patients with a history of stroke, 1 / 4 to 3 / 4 likely to relapse within 2 to 5 years. over the past 10 years, china's elderly hemiplegic stroke incidence increased by 15%, while the population in the early onset of disease awareness, treatment and control rates are very low, the current general acute patients only 13.7% of the population to be correct and timely treatment, get a real recovery, most patients sequelae or the existence of any risk of relapse. leading experts at the seminar, china research center, beijing beijing hemiplegia ren hospital professor hu mingfang presentation noted that, as a common stroke. at present the local hospital treatment is usually acupuncture, plaster, injection medicine, oral administration of conventional medicine and other treatment, but reduce it very much, inadequate treatment, most patients gradually intractable complications. "multi-organizational activity of cytokine-mediated activation of nerve cell therapy," this pure chinese medicine by way of repair nerve cells for the treatment of hemiplegia after-effects that a new direction, as a new treatment, already have to the international promotion the value and need.

research center, beijing china hemiplegia ren hospital, beijing, professor hu mingfang in an interview with reporters, pointed out that most traditional treatments only temporarily alleviate symptoms, but not completely cured. the reason is that these traditional medicines only from a single surface treatment to start, but the real cure for the overall rehabilitation of hemiplegia after-effects from the start. "multi-organizational activity of cytokine-mediated activation of nerve cell therapy" to the unique pure chinese medicine and chinese medicine for consolidation therapy, to adjust the body's yin and yang, qi and blood, blood circulation smooth, strong penetration of the brain nerves and other effects. the difference is that with traditional medicines is the only country to quantify the ratio of amd had been drug concentration by modern high-tech nano-extraction technology, refining, and its micro-structure of water molecules and has a very strong activity, the outer layer of particles as well film, complete with co-dormant nerves in the tissue environment, to activate the repair, avoiding the waste of active ingredient consumption, directly to the lesion, the absorption faster and better. it is reported that "multi-organizational activity of cytokine-mediated activation of nerve cell therapy" as a new scientific research, the treatment modalities in clinical use since 2003, after six years of continuous improvement, can be said to be very mature treatment. recently approved by the relevant departments, by the china research center, beijing hemiplegia gyeongin national hospital for clinical practice.