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"brain fatigue" will let you Yuejianyuefei  2017-4-21 19:30


medical experts proposed a new hypothesis on the pathogenesis of obesity - "brain fatigue" theory. medical experts put forward a new argument about obesity, they believe that obesity is not just an imbalance of energy balance (ie, overeating and lack of exercise), but also by the external environment and the role of the individual to change their behavior.

"brain fatigue" means a person brain received information over the surrounding environment, resulting in ineffective treatment, so that the "neocortex" and "limbic system" and " between the brain, "the balance between each other have been damaged, the message flows and increased disorder.

this "brain fatigue" long without correction, will cause all kinds of abnormal behavior, or even that there is no conscious subconscious overeating and too lazy to exercise, obesity also "to be shipped and health. "

obviously, in a highly competitive, high degree of information flow, fundamental changes in values ​​occur today, a person who lacks a considerable concentration, lack of adequate ideas, the temptation to be surrounded by colorful world get distracted, it is prone to "brain fatigue."

bored if people suffer at the time of eating snacks in front of the tv, if people avoid competition, under the wings back to their parents drank to cover up their eating hu anxiety and unrest, this is a powerful form of obesity, "the driving force."

forced to diet and exercise alone to weight loss is often unreliable, and prone to over and over again. truly effective weight loss method must meet the following conditions, it is necessary to eliminate the "brain fatigue"; second is to sweetness and light, softly, to be able to accept and even like the way it is very gradual.

this end, there are three principles worth learning:

first, can not force yourself to a certain purpose, can not be too force, causing the inner resentment, induced a new "brain fatigue."

second, weight loss can not be so anxious, can not suddenly change their eating habits, should be implemented step by step, step by step. over time, they will not consciously abandon bad habits and unhealthy habits.

third, very conducive to health and their favorite things (or food), to begin to do (or eat), even from the same starting ye hao. this is the most important and most critical first step to success is to accept it! not cause disgust.

stick to it, it will help restore a happy mood and satisfaction, activate the "limbic system" to eliminate "brain fatigue", but also helps to gradually develop their own healthy behavior.

obesity is likely to be under some kind of nutrient deficiencies, the overall nutrient intake is not comprehensive, unbalanced point of view, can the quality and quantity need to be fully in accordance with the body to eat at the same time to achieve weight loss goals, without the need for special diet can be achieved only yourself satisfied (at least no hunger), but also the purpose of effective weight loss. this mechanism, once established, it is stable and lasting weight loss can be maintained.