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how conditioning endocrine disorders 3 strokes make you anti- premature aging  2018-12-2 22:10


hormone if not normal, usually expressed as endocrine disorders. however, this thing is more likely to occur in women rise, so the impact of large women than men. female endocrine disorders may cause skin deterioration, grumpy, out of shape, infertility, premature aging. speaking of such symptoms, we may think of menopausal women, but in fact menopausal women is most likely to occur during endocrine disorders.

endocrine disorders reason

1, ovarian atrophy and functional decline

2, ovary, uterus and resection of lesions

3, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and other organs dysfunction

4, insufficient supply of nutrients ovaries - ovarian nutritional and metabolic disorders

at the same time, because of age, stress, pollution, mood, eating habits as a result of hypothalamic signal transmission is disturbed, resulting in women after the age of 30 to 70% lower estrogen. modern society, the pace of life, work, study pressure, decreased levels of estrogen will encourage young women.

endocrine disorders affect

1, the body deteriorates

face dull not shiny, but also appear chloasma, pigmentation, loose skin and no flexibility , more and more wrinkles, sagging breasts shrink, body fat bloated, smaller hips, forming the characteristic obesity, menopause and other issues are likely to arise due to endocrine disorders.

2, the character of variation

as menopausal women are more easily excited, depression, suspicion, anxiety, anxiety, endocrine disorders of women will easily day or intermittently for no reason anxious tension , distracted, no objects, no reason for panic, anxiety and other. and in the case of endocrine disorders, women's physical and mental capabilities will become increasingly poor, to lack of interest and pleasure anything, life without vitality, depression pessimistic, depressed mood, negative words and deeds, feel lazy, mental retardation.

menopause paranoia: sensitive, suspicious, for people do not trust; dauth worry, much ado about nothing; vulnerable to high blood pressure, the pressure gauge coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and premature aging.

how conditioning endocrine disorders

1, exercise can promote the secretion of female hormones better

experts pointed out that women often compared to long-term sit-in movement of immobile women often higher levels of hormone secretion, more specifically expressed as menstrual regularity, color glossy hair are more general demand, appetite, sexual desire may be higher.

according to reports, women's brain tissue gonadotropin-releasing factor impulse firing frequency of 90 to 120 minutes once; and regular exercise female athletes, this hormone secretion impulse release frequency and strength will be reduced, especially after exercise, minimize the more obvious, such a situation even make some female athletes appear the phenomenon of menopause.

therefore, physical exercise has a significant impact on the suppression of estrogen. data showed that: the early years often participate in sports women suffering from breast cancer and other reproductive system cancer than the average percentage of women in more than 50% lower.

2, identify themselves, and help recuperate

because women within a month period will undergo ovulation, menstruation and the follicular phase, three phases of the female body hormonal levels fluctuate greatly, so the corresponding fitness training should also be carried out in phases according to the menstrual cycle.

avoid blind to lose weight

experts, female hormone disturbed by many factors, from their own point of view, after menopause, due to a sharp reduce the concentration of female hormones, the body produces a strong change, termination on behalf of female fertility; and a neoplastic disease, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer can cause hormonal imbalance, affecting menstrual regularity; if you have diabetes, anemia or anorexia, etc., can also cause hormonal imbalance.

in addition, some bad habits may anthropogenic interference with the secretion of female hormones, causing disorders.

incorrect diet: many market advocate dieting or weight loss medication to lose weight, rapid weight loss and body can not adapt to the various aspects of performance, keep the pace of weight loss, leading to hormonal imbalance.

hyperkinetic: excessive exercise can change the ratio of body fat and muscle tissue, which will affect the secretion of hormones, and thus irregular menstruation, or amenorrhea problems.

misconduct: the abuse of psychotropic drugs, taking drugs, or taking anti-cancer drugs and alcohol and other contraceptives, will disrupt hormones.

summary: from the above article we can see, if the female body hormones can not be maintained at a normal level, then there is a great possibility that the symptoms of endocrine disorders, but modern society, life accelerate the pace of work, study pressure, decreased levels of estrogen will encourage young women.