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child vision super full protection law  2018-12-2 21:10


child's vision should be focused on the protection of childhood. for 1-3 year-old baby, nursing mothers to protect their eyesight is one of the key oh. now, xiao bian to introduce children common vision problems and health practices it.

baby common vision problems

strabismus: strabismus called, refers to the children see things eye sight inconsistent eye can not rotate in the same direction, a common perspective for the eye within bit biased or partial outer (inner or outer strabismus strabismus).

amblyopia: one or both eyes of poor eyesight, even after the best corrected visual acuity (wearing proper degree of glasses) and still can not reach the age of vision can be achieved.

refractive errors: the so-called "refractive errors" refers to the uncorrected visual acuity of less than the normal standard (typically 0.8), but is not caused by other diseases, requires the use of an optical lens correction (glasses ). common refractive errors include nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

visual deprivation: such as congenital cataracts, congenital ptosis, or corneal opacity caused by the line of sight was obscured and so on, so that poor development of visual function.

so, in life how to protect a nine-year-old baby's vision of it?

baby eye care methods

do not watch tv too close distance: watching tv should be kept and the tv screen diagonal distance of six - eight times, must rest for 30 minutes every moment.

not too little sleep and rest regularly: lack of sleep the body fatigue, easy to create pseudo-myopia.

do more outdoor sports: often overlooking the far outside to relax eye muscle, prevent myopia, the more contact with nature, green mountains, good for eye health.

there should be no balanced nutritional intake: not a partial eclipse, should pay special attention to vitamin b (embryo rice, oatmeal yeast) of the intake.

regular vision: where not normal vision should be to the company qualified glasses or eye doctor office for further examination.

baby eye protection, oh my mother to do the above points.