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" spell chest era " not thin breast reduction  2018-12-2 20:10


chest measurements ratio is the most important and most catches the eyes of a ring, and is closely related to the overall body of s curves. if you have a slender waist, but it is an "airport", then this "fight chest" times are hard to gain a foothold. in thin storm, do not forget the chest curve "construction"!

chest problems accounted for how much?

a, flat, usually worn only b cup bra

b, breasts sagging

c, breast asymmetry

asian female breast development in europe and america have a certain gap. in particular, different eating habits and aesthetic habits, often due to asian women in the developmental antecedents of breast diet incomplete, leading to atrophy of mammary gland development. so we will often see so many people flat chest, chest curve would be difficult to be reflected. eastern than western women lower two levels. asian women with b ~ c as the main aesthetic standards, d cup we will feel fuller. but in the west, d only standard start, and efg are western standards of breast aesthetic.

folder of breast method

detailed tricks: two armpit clip book, jumping flat on his hands forward, adhere to the arm sour or books fall far, more than a day practice session. book thickness varies, to not feel uncomfortable appropriate.

effectiveness analysis: this method won the "taiwan-wave god" lin tang respected. armpit clip book, forcing people back straight, chest lifted both hands in front. this posture helps to exercise chest, upright chest.

hypnosis breast act

detailed tricks: tell yourself, "my chest is becoming more plentiful, more upright."

effectiveness analysis: psychologists emphasize breasts directly retains traces of the woman psychological growth. in many cases, the decision of the breast growth but also because it suggests the brain. this implies that the relationship with the breast closely than we imagined, more than the physiological effects inside the breast fat and glands.

breathing breast law

detailed tricks: sit cross-legged, two feet together; knees down as much as possible, try to stretch the upper body upward, arms straight up as far as possible; with nasal breathing control elevation shoulders not fully expand the chest, while the upper body leaning forward, the abdomen under the pressure as much as possible; to maximize upper body dump, hold your breath; wait wait any longer air time, while breathing through your mouth side lift the upper body, arms do not force. up slightly adjusted breathing five times, repeat this movement 5-10 times. respiration process can stretch on the abdomen, but the lower abdomen must be tightened. breathing rhythm is moderate, not too fast or too slow.

effectiveness analysis: the correct breathing method can not only supply enough oxygen, relieve fatigue, more unexpected effect of breast. experiments have confirmed that this breathing exercises performed after march, the average increase practitioners chest, and waist thinner.

acupuncture breast enhancement method

tricks explain: some women after the breast-feeding period, there will be significant sagging breasts and so on. this is because women during lactation, and good eating too much, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat in the breast area, leading to sagging breasts. of women after the lactation, the breast acupuncture should be the most suitable method for breast enlargement. advantages that acupuncture breast using the principle of chinese acupuncture, no medicine, no injections, to promote the development of the mammary gland and acinar chinese medicine technician by the way, so that the breast improved rapidly get twice the growth.

reminder: although breast-feeding may affect the appearance of breasts, but breast-feeding is the key to the healthy growth of babies, so women do not for beauty, and give up breastfeeding!

diet breast enhancement method

detailed tricks: jiuniang amount of water, microwave about 2 minutes; or made from fermented rice eggs, fermented glutinous rice dumpling. sooner or later consumption once before menstruation, the better.

effect analysis: many nutritionists agree jiuniang breast skin, because the fermented rice female breast contains cells can promote the fullness of the natural hormone, its alcohol content will also help improve the breast blood circulation.