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5 simple and effective lean belly small coup  2018-11-30 14:10


now, let's look at the us abc television health channel thin abdominal recommended five small coup it.

away from cruciferous vegetables

as you may know the high salt content of foods and carbonated beverages are bloated body culprit. but you know, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and kale these cruciferous vegetables rich in fiber, can also cause bloating. of course, this does not mean that when you need to wear a bathing suit, you totally do not eat these vegetables, but that you want to eat less.

supplementary swelling foods

have a flat stomach is to eat certain foods is not always the case. like pineapple, papaya and bananas and other food to eat can help prevent puffiness bloated body.

eat slowly eating

dinner, stop it slowly and enjoy the food. why? gobble breathe a lot of air while blocking the digestive system, which is really bad for your flat belly trained.

come to epsom salt bath

this move from dalton wong, who is the founder of "21 training" mechanism, is also amanda seyfried (american actress, singer) and other celebrities personal trainer. he suggested that we may wish to join at least two cups of epsom salts in the tub, then taking a dip in half an hour. "epsom salts will help you exhaust the body of water," dalton said. the lower body water content, it looks more natural flat belly. epsom salt bath is not recommended always done, for special occasions, save games.

sweating a

exercise is not necessarily the way to the core of practice (so-called "core" of the middle part of the body is the shoulder of the following, including the pelvis above the hip, including area), although the core of what exercise will not make you lose, it will help you create a more solid middle. we believe that all make you sweat strenuous exercise can effectively reduce excess water, thus effectively swelling.