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stand up straight stretching movements designed thin legs ( figure)  2018-11-29 12:10


method name: stretch the muscles thin legs

the method introduced:

action one: standing on a chair next to the body, lift one leg resting on a chair, the other foot supporting the body, and then his hands held onto the foot on a chair, bend your body.

action ii: body fours kneel lying on a yoga mat, then hands and feet firmly supporting the body, the back and waist to hip parts lifted, then back beng knees straight, body form an inverted v shape .

weight loss principle: two movements are able to stretch the calf muscles, help activate muscles and improves blood circulation and metabolism, eliminate leg edema and avoid muscle production. if you are sedentary or office workers of long standing, do these two actions in addition to thin legs, to relieve fatigue is also very good.

time: 2 minutes.

achieve the desired effect: after 2 minutes, calf circumference total thin 1cm!

complete test procedure

action one: stand straight stretch

1, the initial position

will be a chair on your body next door, then put up your right leg straight, left foot supporting the body, back straight eyes straight ahead.

chairs careful not to slide freely, otherwise it will be when the action will make the body vulnerable to injuries.

2, lower body bent

inhale, bend your body, front and back both hands in front of the lower leg, and then try to push your upper body down, pay attention to the right foot beng toes to keep straight state.

hold the leg with both hands, the body may be under pressure as the leg back and forth on the events, and if you are a first attempt in this action, you can put your body little by little, slowly press down do not all of a sudden excessive force, to avoid injury. action repeated a minute later for the other foot.

action ii: inverted v position

1, the initial position

fours kneel lying on a yoga mat, his hands palms affixed to the arm also posted on the ground, the bigger leg with stickers, forehead point to.

maintain the natural breathing, then hands the double thigh force, will lift your hips and upper body.

2, inverted v

your body will hold hands and thighs perpendicular to the floor, back and parallel to the ground to maintain the natural breathing, then forced the palms and soles, knees back beng straight, your whole body will hold up to the inverted v shape, action persist for 1 minute.

these two acts to move up the muscles, so their attention is needed to do the movements in the period, some of the small details so that bit more to let these two actions effective.

1, at a time to do the movements, lift the leg better pay attention to toe beng straight, forming a straight line.

2, action ii initial operation, pay attention to the iron limbs on the ground, propped up the body when to pay attention to the hands and feet slip, be sure to support his body.

3, inverted v-shaped hands and feet movements must be straight, knees bent the wrong position.

test results

before the test data is: 36.8cmcm; after the test data is: 36cm.

a total of two minutes to finish the operation, calf circumference to stand by the 1cm!

when you stretch the body, in addition to focusing stretch your calf muscles, along with other parts of the body and get your exercise and relieve tension, increase physical exercise to promote fat burning is has a very good effect!

model feelings

? lack of exercise during the mm second action would be more difficult, because the power to use the limbs to support your entire body for the first time if the limbs lack of strength, you can choose to stay in time, short stay and then repeat several times. the first movement is a relatively soothing stretch, but it is recommended there as back or foot friends to pay attention, because really it is stretched to two parts.