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early prevention of diabe  2018-11-9 11:10


1. there should be early prevention of diabetes family history of diabetes.

2. diet, one-third hunger and cold, control the intake of sweets, prevent obesity.

3. physical activity, enhance physical fitness, may delay the occurrence of the disease.

4. reduce meat, fresh fruits and vegetables food advocate.

5. periodic testing blood, urine, body weight, blood lipids.

6. sexual restraint, conservation essence, may delay the occurrence of the disease.

7. promptly corrected and conservation biased constitution, maintain physical balance.

8. often find the pulse of chinese medicine doctor, early conditioning balance, as a preventive measure.

9. regular consumption of bitter gourd or bitter to drink tea, can prevent diabetes.

10. ill infusion required less dextrose injection.

11. caution hormone treatment, promote traditional chinese medicine.

12. northerners to southern living, reducing sugar intake, delaying diabetes.

13. pasta ones invert sugar than rice, the staple food rice advocate, can delay diabetes.

14. aggressive treatment of other diseases of the body.

(sino-japanese war in the autumn of zhou original essays collection)