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white-collar women beware " makeup disease " to work to avoid heavy makeup  2018-10-12 00:10


as we all know, the long-term make-up is harmful to health, not only can cause dermatitis and other skin problems, but also may lead to cosmetic poisoning, causing anemia, hair loss, and endocrine disorders, and even cause fetal malformations.

however, the make-up for some ol, it is an essential step every day. for the beauty of them, the one day of work tired do not be modified, haircut sitting in the office, maybe even himself could not stand. furthermore, not only for groomed, make-up may also hidden "office politics", even to the mm their career development.

if you have to make, how to minimize the damage it? makeup artist tell you, do heavy makeup, good clean before makeup, pay attention to moisture, and the use of isolation products.

weapon collar, makeup a few tips:

foundation makeup foundation is the focus must be thin and very transparent emulsion foundation, a foundation close to the color selection, if skin blemishes, you can use concealer to cover, then the foundation evenly to the entire face, then dip a small amount of powder puff, a thin and uniform in the region hold & t, the outer contour of the ear over pink neck convergence at a natural transition.

eyes too thick eye makeup may cause conjunctivitis, in fact, does not need makeup eyeshadow, eyeliner and lashes a little to handle it. the focus is to build lashes, eyelash curler alice, with a pencil and fill the gap close to the roots of the lashes between.

the most important thing is the natural brow eyebrow, should draw the whole eyebrow, generally only make lighter description tail. if eyebrows itself is relatively thick, manicured on it.

lips try to choose a brand of lip product quality assurance, pale pink, orange flesh is the most suitable workplace lip color, lipstick and lip gloss can be.