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" dry " unbearably easy to induce a regular acupuncture can prevent stroke  2018-10-11 23:10


"spent the hot summer, thought the fall came, the old man's heart and cerebrovascular can feel better, who knows or did not escape!" ms. li's mother wu-law had a stroke last year occurred after discharge has been our care. last week, wu sleep because her mother also had a falling out with his wife a few words, the result is to induce recurrent stroke. fortunately, the hospital in a timely manner, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

second guangdong provincial hospital of traditional chinese acupuncture and rehabilitation three ward director, professor, chief physician qin min, said the summer heat stroke is easy, easy winter freeze a stroke, but the fall is likely to dry out stroke. data show that about 70% of the elderly prone to stroke in the fall.

expert profile: qin min, the fourth installment of the people of old chinese national academic experience successor, the state administration of traditional chinese medicine, chief expert of cultural science speaking tour group, guangzhou city, the first tcm clinical talents. second guangdong provincial hospital of traditional chinese acupuncture and rehabilitation three ward director, professor, chief physician, master tutor. in chinese medicine, acupuncture and rehabilitation clinical, teaching, research work for 20 years, proficient wu style taijiquan, specializes in fast and painless acupuncture needle technique (commonly known as "flying technique"), stroke sequelae, cervical spondylosis, lumbar, headache, insomnia, facial paralysis and children with cerebral palsy, adhd has a wealth of clinical experience, specializing in traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy combined with encephalopathy and various pain syndrome, and has unique insights and methods in health care, sub conditioning and so on.

qiuzao make meridian barrier may induce stroke

guangdong autumn climate is characterized by a "dry" word. professor qin min said that the board believes that autumn warm dry for the sick, both easy to dry evil shangyin tianjin, but also warm evil, easily hurt tianjin gas consumption, both evil consistency, overcast hurt even more, yin yang system, metaplasia phlegm stasis, blockage naomai; deep cool autumn air dry for the sick, both dryness hurt yin-chun, another cold evil, the nature of closing arguments stagnant, closing arguments are spasm meridians, blood stagnation and stagnation is not chang, two evil coincide, then poor blood, blockage of cerebral veins.

so, in the fall is easy to feel dry evil, to naomai blockage, meridian barrier, mongolia orifices closed, resulting in a high incidence of stroke. that is, the dry evil invasion, a number of high-risk populations in vivo leads to increased blood viscosity, water shortages, coupled with agitation, tiredness, blood pressure fluctuations, it is easy to have a stroke.

how to prevent qiuzao cause a stroke? he made four suggestions: first, adhere to pay, in order to ensure 1200 ml daily water intake, the elderly should not thirsty to drink water. second, the diet with aids qingrun of foods, avoid eating hot food, reducing salt intake, smoking not alcohol. third, the elderly should be regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, especially those who suffer from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease should be alert to changes in condition, to prevent recurrence. fourth, to feel comfortable, avoid excitement, rage, avoid staying up late and fatigue, conduct of appropriate cultural and sports activities.

"from the liver" wonderful treatment of stroke

stroke known as cerebral vascular accident, a consequence of acute obstructive or cerebrovascular bleeding lesions caused to sudden unconsciousness and paralysis of limbs as the main clinical features. for stroke treatment, professor qin min summing old chinese professor lu guimei academic thought, based on the theory first proposed the "treatment of stroke from liver theory" that stroke and more from the liver yang wind, should give priority to cure liver, proposed "emergency relief to the liver xifeng, kidney of fluid to drive heat" of famous views on treatment. "guide to clinical medical records ยท stroke": yip invention within this wind, is the change in body yang. the liver is the dirty air, and blood attenuation due to water is not han wood, wood less zi rong, so partial liver-yang hyperactivity, from the inside when the wind. therefore, the first stroke of dafa rougan ney law that the liver hi be reached, dispersion, air-smooth, then was of phlegm, blood stasis may live, pathogenic wind from the off, stroke is more.

so, professor qin min acupuncture treatment of stroke, stroke sequelae are used in treating liver. for example, patients with liver qi stagnation, acupuncture jueyin areas (mainly choose pericardium, foot jue yin liver meridian on the point) ease liver. chinese herbal medicines commonly there peony, aspartame, scrophulariaceae, medlar yin softening xifeng, phlegm heavy, yellow greasy moss, pan evil, plus bile star, zhu li, fritillaria phlegm; yin yang kang, anger partial wang, heart fanre, plus gardenia, skullcap heat chufan.

as early as possible to do acupuncture

after a stroke, snuff oxygen

professor qin min said that after the onset of stroke tend to be stable condition after emergency treatment, but patients often have physical activity detrimental or even paralysis, aphasia symptoms, surgery and medicine to no avail, then acupuncture becomes essential. clinical studies have proven that early acupuncture intervention can significantly improve the daily living of stroke patients, significant improvement in their motor function and cognitive function.

"as long as the patient vital signs stable, conscious, in stable condition early acupuncture treatment can be carried out." he said that patients with cerebral infarction acupuncture treatment can be carried out 48 hours after the onset; cerebral hemorrhage patient over the acute phase after acupuncture treatment can be carried out.

it is reported that professor qin min through years of clinical research, the traditional scalp acupuncture was modified, the creation of a sedative refreshing scalp acupuncture, acupuncture body through the scalp (site of the head) tissue specific stimulation points (district, zone, acupoints) to treat the disease, according to the internal organs possession of five gods. "lingshu god," "it is to that of students of the fine, fine two-phase bo that of god, with the god of contacts that the soul and essence and soul out who called, so that any one of those things of the heart, heart the memories that of italy, italy has kept that ambition, because chi and keep the change that thinking, because thinking and that of the far-mu worry, because considers that the wisdom of the matter. "

his sedative refreshing scalp acupuncture divided into four areas, namely: jueyin area, shaoyang area, sun area, yangming district, which is mainly used for stroke patients sedative refreshing jueyin district, which is foot jue yin liver through the line area, the treatment is also based on as "a stroke from the liver." regulating qi fu yang abdomen abdominal acupuncture needles are superficial nerves, rich in blood vessels, shallow stab organs can stimulate activity through the air, forward excitation pulse overcast, communicating back positive pulse, the brain and internal organs after renduermai communicate with acupuncture acupuncture surrounded by flush better, using flying method.

for stroke patients, in addition to the use of acupuncture, also recommended for "snuff oxygen" treatment. it is the active ingredient in traditional chinese medicine extracted borneol, storax and other wet oxygen into the bottle, and then through a straw dual lumen nasal administered with oxygen via nasal jointly to achieve the purpose of treating disease, this therapy is to drugs, oxygen inhalation technology effectively combine it with oxygen as the carrier, the drug inhaled by the respiratory nasal passages, played croo purposes.

regular acupuncture can prevent stroke

in the past, it was believed that acupuncture only been applied to the treatment and rehabilitation of stroke stroke sequelae. in fact, acupuncture is an effective weapon against stroke. as early as the tang dynasty, sun ssu doctors pointed out, "but the wind should anti ear acupuncture ear artery before the house of god and the good wind" ("emergency preparedness daughter to party"). and some of the existing controlled studies of show that the recurrence rate of stroke prevention in patients with acupuncture, far lower than those who did not use this method. there are studies, acupuncture treatment for stroke recurrence rate was significantly lower than the relapse rate in patients with sequelae of the drug group, indicating that acupuncture can be effective in preventing relapse in patients with stroke sequelae.

so, what is acupuncture for stroke prevention? "under the guidance of holistic acupuncture therapy acupuncture as a whole, starting from blood tongzhi, by selecting the head, ren, du and remote specific acupuncture points acupuncture, which opened renduermo, qi and blood, dredging channels reach eye myojin clear effect. yin and yang balance of the body, naturally do not get sick, it can prevent stroke. "professor qin min said. (correspondent: li chao) 39 health network ( feature articles, please indicate the source.