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soybean inhibits breast cancer ?  2018-10-11 22:10


according to "live science" magazine, a new study shows that taking soy protein supplements can cause genetic changes associated with women with breast cancer.

in this study, 140 were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in women, made 7-30 days treatment after surgery, half of people taking soy protein powder, and the other half taking comfort agent. the researchers compared the changes in pre-operative and post-operative tumor tissue, found in soy group, the expression of certain genes promoting cell growth of women has changed, and could potentially accelerate the development of breast cancer.

"these data concern, because it shows soy for some women with breast cancer may have a stimulating effect." the researchers wrote in the american journal of the national cancer institute.

"however, the researchers do not know whether the change in the expression of certain genes is reversible." breast cancer oncologists, the study's author, dr. bromberg said.

"we do not know for a long time or a lot of soy, biological effects of breast cancer," bromberg said, "the study also did not analyze the effects of soy on breast cancer prevention."

"in addition, the researchers did not observe due taking soy, tumor growth has changed the phenomenon."

"the researchers can not pass their findings to infer, in the end taking soy for women in the end is 'good' or 'bad'. "

in this study, between 2003 and 2007 carried out, almost 61% of women have menopause, their average age was 56 year old. the women were divided into two groups, each taking 25.8 grams of protein powder or a placebo daily.

previous studies of the relationship between soy supplements and breast cancer risk have had conflicting results. for example, the researchers said, some studies in asian populations have shown that the more soy consumption, can reduce the incidence and risk of breast cancer recurrence. however, in other studies on western populations shows that soy intake and breast cancer risk has nothing to do. nevertheless, breast cancer patients usually are advised to avoid eating soy foods.

"i think this study provides preliminary evidence that soy supplements can affect the expression of genes in breast cancer," said dr. mike, who was not involved in the study, "however, there is still a lack of adequate evidence that materially affect the results of genetic changes produced, for example, the patient survival rate of breast cancer recurrence or chemotherapy and other treatments such as the impact on is not clear. "

" we still do not know soy supplements for breast cancer patients, is beneficial or harmful, "he added.

"for individual patients with breast cancer, soy intake with your doctor how much needs to be discussed and decided." mike said, "i usually recommend high-risk patients with breast cancer or breast cancer, you should try avoid excessive intake of soy, but i also remind them, future research may find that for some patients, soy supplements may be beneficial, but for some people it is harmful. "

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