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dieters gospel : weekly weigh  2018-10-11 20:10


for people who lose weight, lean not go is not terrible, most terrible is going lean meat and long back! according to the british "daily mail" reported recently, a new study may have discovered the secret of body weight after weight loss does not rebound: weekly weigh.

the study, published in the "public health" journal study shows that weekly weigh dieters cut in half the weight of a rebound than other groups. madigan (phonetic), said, can help dieters weighed weekly to monitor weight, if the weight on the rise again able to take immediate action. this will also help people avoid falling into the temptation of food.

just as each had a weight loss experience knows, the really hard at the end to lose weight just begun. for dieters, the "ideal is very skinny, the reality is very full," many dieters are desperate to maintain the new weight loss record.

many obese people even take action to lose weight, but weight regain appears almost invariably phenomenon. to find effective strategies to minimize the fat is crucial rebound. a new study conducted by dr. ma digen now, is to observe whether weighed daily would be more effective to prevent fat secretly "ran" back. daily weigh means increasing the weight at any point are able to quickly discover, it should be easier to develop the habit of weighing.

but the strange thing is that every day seems to have helped weigh on those who are already successful weight loss, still trying to lose weight for almost no benefit.

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