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japanese experts : drink milk can not be increased estrogen  2018-9-15 00:10


"if a woman becomes a little estrogen is not a woman" - the belief that this argument is actually a few women, and therefore, most of the women for estrogen very seriously. there is a component of soy called isoflavones, estrogen is considered, by so many women will drink milk, eat soy products to supplement the soy isoflavones, estrogen replacement therapy in order to achieve the purpose. really able to increase the intake of soy estrogens it? japanese experts say: no!

according to msn japan reported that japanese obstetrics and gynecology specialist, sexologists songmei xuan, md said: "the woman by drinking milk, eating natto, soy isoflavones and other soy products estrogen practices can not, nor can activate itself estrogen in the body. "

she noted that soy isoflavones is a plant-derived compound contained in soybean germ, is a substance of polyphenols, which has a structure similar to estrogen, is a plant hormone , celery and other foods more content. but despite the same structure, but it does not mean that the intake of soy isoflavones on estrogen supplement equal.

this is because soy isoflavones will generate additional substances under the action of intestinal bacteria, thus contributing to the activity of the hormone. however, this is only in the human gut contains bacteria generated under that premise is to generate can promote hormonal activity of the substance, and not all of the human body have generated the kind of bacteria, with the substance of estrogen is usually activated only about the body's natural secretion of estrogen thousandth, for itself, a lot of estrogen in the 2,30-year-old women, its use is almost negligible, but can not be expected by drinking milk, eating natto way to increase estrogen . but for menopausal estrogen appears to reduce the women, adequate intake of soy substance may have some health benefits.

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