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rabies can be prevented to pay attention not cure  2018-9-14 22:10


the annual september 28 is world rabies day. rabies, also known as "hydrophobia", commonly known as "mad dog disease." is an acute infectious disease caused by the rabies virus. rabies mainly for fear of water, fear of the wind, photophobia, fear, anxiety, pharyngeal muscle spasm, progressive paralysis. rabies is the world's highest fatality rate of the disease, once the disease, the mortality rate is almost 100%. since 2008, the city has six consecutive years with no local infection reports. as of september 28, 2014, two cases were reported in the city this year imported cases of rabies are fatal.

shenzhen cdc experts remind you: to try to avoid, and dogs and cats and other pets "close contact", the contact people more opportunities, but also regularly injection of human rabies vaccine; for the family pet friend it must be regularly bring pets to animal epidemic prevention departments free of animal rabies vaccine injection.

once a dog, cat bites, scratches immediately with plenty of soap and water, or 20 percent, wash the wound for 20-30 minutes. after rinsing, use a clean gauze to cover the wound, remember not to wrap, speed to the hospital emergency department for further treatment of the wound and injecting human rabies vaccine, if necessary, an injectable anti-rabies serum or immune globulin. (correspondent: ma qishan jiang lijuan)

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