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there are tricks to package travel with children  2018-9-14 21:10


there packaged travel with children trick

traveling with children, anything so that mothers are the most brain power consumption?

of course packed luggage. looks very simple, but doing it only knows cumbersome.

before packaging, first to prepare a number of tools, such as bubble film, plastic bags, woven bags bags, tape, cardboard. each airline has a certain weight limit, plus trunk space is also limited, taking into account some thing fragile and wrinkled, and therefore have to be packaged according to the material and items of luggage.

1 to open the trunk, found near the bottom of the wheel, the heavy things on this position. diapers and milk box next to each on the ground floor.

2 complementary class first with a plastic bag wrapped bottle of independence, then sealed with transparent tape, and then coated with a layer of thin foam outer membrane, in the box near the bottom of a fixed place to put away.

between 3 wrapped bottled food and spaced from the bottom with a damp towel bag, do not leave loose clearance. complementary vial can be placed in a plastic bag and tape it shut after a good adult shoes, the shoes can prevent flattened deformation, but also make the bottle easy to break up.

4 children's clothing and footwear can be placed on both sides of the upper end of the box, and adults with non-woven bags of clothing separate devices. children qunshan flat as possible, reduce wrinkles, and with a good set of clothes cover. formal dress required cardboard packing after topping.

ultimate will bring a list of items 1. milk, baby bottles, bottle brush, nipple;

2. supplementary food and fruit drinks: bottled organic fast food and purees, organic pizza, organic apple pear juice;

3. diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, bibs;

4. children bath triple, children oil, moisturizing cream for children, children's health packet (nail file, scissors, cotton swabs);

5. sun hat, small towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, avoid mosquito cream;

6. family standing kits (diarrhea drugs, antipyretics, pain tablets, throat lozenges, band-aids, cotton wool disinfection tablets, eye drops, children's eye drops, saline, baby red ass cream, thermometers);

7. children seasonal clothing and footwear, hats and other accessories.

8. children's books and small toys.

1. kids stuff only milk and diapers account for the weight of the space, other things can be placed in-line formula must attack me.

2. because of delays and lost baggage when circumstances have occurred, so the child can not put all the things checked luggage, to put some luggage in random or random travel packet. kits such as family standing on the best random band. also remind children and adults do not divide things open, can be placed in a checked suitcase, so if luggage is delayed or lost, you will not be caught in an embarrassing situation.

3. if the long travel time, milk need more, you can put a portion in the checked luggage. do not put milk all placed in checked luggage compartment, to prevent delays or lost luggage. the milk bottle on a random suitcase on the machine is also easy to temporarily give the child milk punch.

4. wipes random with a pack of diapers random with five or six pieces, the remainder of your checked luggage, and complementary classes together, both play a role in protection, but also separated by clothing. if you worry about excess baggage, you can not take so much, you can buy another destination.

5. also can bring some organic pizza. they are easily broken, light weight, easy onboard. snack or with some children like routine, so the way to appease the child's emotions.

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