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pregnancy nutrition careful pre-eclampsia  2018-9-14 20:10


with the improvement of living standards, poor nutrition seems to have been insulated from this era, while pregnant women during pregnancy will be more attentive care, malnutrition, the word seems to be more irrelevant. but in the september 20 held in beijing, "insisted the" heart "standard be a good mother." maternal and child health care on a large tour (first stop) activities, beijing maternity hospital obstetrics chief physician wang qi said that the current maternal nutrition group and malnutrition coexist. she reminded nutrient management attention and intervention for pregnant women during pregnancy.

united nations executive committee on nutrition in 2006 suggested that from pregnancy to 2 years after birth through adulthood window of opportunity for the prevention of nutritional intervention on chronic diseases. wang qi said that this is an expert consensus that early life nutrition have an impact on the health of city life, malnutrition or excess, children prone to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases grow up.

obesity on pregnant women, in addition to gestational diabetes, wang qi also provides a set of data: a retrospective study for the 1.4 million pregnant women showed an increase in pre-pregnancy bmi per 5-7kg/m2, pregnant women, the risk of pre-eclampsia doubled. preeclampsia, also known as pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy before normotensive pregnant women after 20 weeks of pregnancy hypertension, proteinuria, is one of five status hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, gestational idiopathic disease that can affect the body various organ systems.

wang qi respect, he would obese pregnant mothers as a high-risk patients, and in the treatment of these women, there is no suitable blood pressure, weight measurement, narrow cot, transport difficulties are facing problems "i have suggested that the amount of weight a pregnant woman to the hospital first grocer return visit."

and on malnutrition, wang qi said that this has nothing to do with the family conditions, "the most expensive hospital costs still have iron deficiency anemia, maternal malnutrition performance", and this situation the reason is that pregnant women do not know the impact on the concept that eat, eat brand-name food can reach the nutrition.

maternal malnutrition itself prone to premature delivery, dystocia, postpartum wound difficult to heal, etc., which gave birth to the newborn easily with a variety of disorders, such as ventilator-dependent, apnea, poor retinal development and even affect the intellectual development. wang qi said, "with the beijing-dimensional technology to improve productivity, 800g of the babies are likely to survive, but if the child weighs less than the average of the same gestational age infants, pregnant mothers will be faced with a choice about the fate of children."

"during the outpatient encounter skinny pregnant or obese pregnant women, will take the initiative to introduce them to the clinic for nutritional intervention and nutritional guidance, so pregnant mothers have good pregnancy outcomes." said wang qi .

note: bmi index (english as body mass index, abbreviated bmi), is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared resulting figure is used to measure the extent of the body of the current international and fat, thin, whether health a standard.

bmi value standard adult:

too light: less than 18.5; normal: 18.5-24.99; moderate: 20-25; overweight: 25-28; obesity: 28-32 ; very obese, up from 32; experts pointed out that the ideal bmi is 22.

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